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April 26, 2018


Barbara Anne

This quilt is a charmer, for sure! Hope you have the time to get it bound as you want to.

Have a wonderful time with your son and in beautiful Lake Tahoe, too. Bliss!

It's equally wonderful that you know Ozzie will be well cared for, too.



What a sweet quilt. Have fun on your vacation!

Mary Kastner

I like this quilt too! Have a great time in Tahoe with your son.


pam hansen

Your quilt is lovely. Have fun at Tahoe.


That background fabric really is perfect with the blocks! How nice that Ozzie has his own house guest while you're away! A reliable house sitter is hard to come by & being great with your pet is even rarer! Enjoy your Lake Tahoe getaway!


Hope you have a great time with your son! Having a house/dogsitter is an idea we are trying for the first time next week when we go to Florida for a quick getaway. I think our pooch will love the added attention.

Debbie R.

Love the quilt! Have a wonderful vacation and visit with your son!


Beautiful quilt! Enjoy your time with Ahren:-)


That quilt is gorgeous! Have a lovely vacation and tell Ozzy the same. ;p


I hope you have a wonderful vacation with your son! Make some memories!!

Robby H.

Man, I might want to be Ozzie! Meanwhile, enjoy your visit with your son.


Love your little mini! Have a great time with your son and hope to see some cute Ozzie pics too 😍


Your mini is wonderful. You chose an awesome fabric for the borders. It gives the quilt a warm and vintage appearance. Great finish.


I like this quilt too! Have a great time in Tahoe with your son.

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choc chip sally

It looks like my original comment disappeared into cyberspace....maybe I pushed the wrong button? Anyway, hopefully you have had a terrific week with your son, and hopefully while in Lake Tahoe you didn't get hampered by the snowfall that was supposed to be in the area.

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