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April 16, 2018


Mary Kastner

The blocks look so pretty. I think this border will be fantastic. You did a lot of work!

Panto Pam

Beautiful! And that border fabric is perfect!


I hear you on the unsewing!! I did a fair amount of that last week. Here's hoping neither of us have to do it this week!


Your quilt is going to be beautiful. I love your choice of border fabric. It's perfect. Hugs


It may have been tedious to remove those blocks, but if it makes you happier with the resulting quilt it was worth the time & effort! The border fabric is so rich looking & it will compliment the dark blues in the blocks!

Debbie R.

The blues with that border will be beautiful. And it looks like you have a nice lap quilt in the making with the browns. It's important to follow your heart when making quilts, so the unsewing will have been worthwhile!


Pretty quilt top and the border fabric is amazing.
Perhaps you can ake another (smaller) nine-patch quilt from all the browns?

Barbara Anne

What a perfect border fabric you found in your stash!! It will help the many blues sing - or would that be "sing the blues"?!

Methinks the leftover browns are a great start for an autumn quilt with just the right oranges, greens, and purples to add in.

Enjoy the process!


Annie Ol

Well at least you were spending time with beautiful fabrics! I think you’re a bit mental for it, tho 😜
The browns will look lovely with red or gold blocks, maybe. I’m sure you’ll mix them with something you like better.


Love the "lighter" look. The border fabric is fabulous and I can hardly wait to see a picture of it on the quilt. I understand about ripping out. I've ripped out things that nobody else would notice or care about but because I know it's not right for me, I have to fix it. I grumble while I'm ripping out but I'm always glad afterwards that I did! Good rainy day to get in a lot of sewing.


I'm so happy you took the time to unsew and sew that quilt top. What's one day of extra sewing compared to the lifetime of happiness looking at that quilt top. Had you not removed the dark brown 9 patches I guarantee you that's all you would have looked at from now until eternity. Lovely quilt, great job. On a side note, I finished my kit 9/2011, where does the time go?

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