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April 17, 2018



Beautiful quilt!


Great finish! The borders compliment the colors perfectly!

T Holzer

Just beautiful, Nicole!!


Oh, that is so gorgeous!!! Something about 'little' just makes me happy!

I think you did the right thing pulling out the brown because it bothered you. If it bothers you, you are less likely to finish and more likely to shove into a corner and forget. Oh, wait. I'm talking about my own behavior. ;p

It really is lovely and the border fabric works beautifully.


Wow! So beautiful! I love your border fabric! Was that part of the same original line? I've always loved the blue and brown combo and you nailed everything perfectly!

gloria g. Walls

I love a so called two color quilt, and love those little nine did a great job. Beautiful. You surely have a bunch of fabrics in those tubs that could make a lot of new quilts. I haven't purchased things in quiet some time. Using what I have purchased for all these quilting years..........or someone else may get to use them......:>) Thanks for sharing.....gloria g. Walls Wellborn, FL


It all came together so well. Great finish. I have that pattern planned, but with bright oranges and chartreuse greens. It will be bright for sure!

A. Bouwman

It is beautifull

Chris O'Dorisio

LOVE it!! It is really beautiful, and I think the blue is much better than brown...but I'm not a "brown" lover. :) Nice finish Nicole!


I love this one! There's nothing like the simplicity of a nine patch quilt. The changes you made work well and your border fabric is gorgeous. A lovely memory of your trip with friends.

Janet O.

I love everything about this quilt--love 9 patches, love the blue/brown combo, love Judie Rothermel fabrics, and especially love the one you have chosen as the border!

Debbie R.

She's a beauty!

Jennifer in Indy

It’s reallya striking quilt - and you are the second blogger I read today that pulled fabric from a kit to use for another quilt! Glad you found the right project for it!


I agree with every one is beautiful. The border fabric really sets it off well.

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