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April 02, 2018



Be free! But do keep in mind that, like Angela Walters, I am the expert of my own opinion! Do what hits your fancy!


I like your version. The other is too busy for me!


I prefer your blocks, but with the setting like the original. I hope that makes sense!!

Panto Pam

I like your version better! I do love scrap quilts, and they are my most favorite to make, but sometimes they are just too busy for me and I have to "control" them and calm them down. Do what makes YOU happy! To quote Lori Holt, "You are the boss of your own quilt". :)


Honestly, I love the may be busy but it has “life” to it but it is YyOUR Quilt. Make it as you like!


While both look great, I totally get why you want to "see" Rachel Remembered. That fabric deserves to be the spotlight. Save the scrappy version for bits and bobs of myriad other leftovers.

Roseanna Jakubowski

I like your version better as well. Especially since you want to feature the color prints. I love the mix of prints in your lights block too. I adore scrap quilts. When I enlarged both photos I found the original one too busy too. Ooh, I think your version would make a really cute Christmas quilt. Ideas, ideas. :o)


I love both versions but there's a playfullness to the original version which really speacks to me. Perhaps if you use just one print for all the pinwheels it would eliminate some of the business (you could also use another color like green from one of her other lines). BTW did you see that some of Betsy's prints are on sale at the FQS?


We think a lot alike quilting wise. I much prefer your version. Controlled scrappy is much more pleasing to my eye.

Debbie R.

They are two very different quilts. I think you should go with what you are feeling. My two cents: I love the quieter feeling of your version, and the opportunity it gives to really see/enjoy those beautiful fabrics.


The original version is certainly very scrappy looking - but it is fun. I like that your version has more neutral background fabrics. What about putting a color print pinwheel in the solid background square?


I agree with the others who said it's your quilt so make it the way that suits your taste best! The pattern is a 'suggestion'--just do it your way!

Grace White

I think you should keep it as you started. Here's why.
I belong to a group that hand quilts tops people bring to us. One of the fascinating things about these tops are the many fabrics included. We always end up discussing the fabrics in the quilt. We explore the colors, the patterns, and the placements.
Also, a lot of my aunts, cousins, and my grandmother quilted. I remember doing the same when I was lucky enough to use one. My grandson fell in love with a quilt this same way while we were attending my father's funeral. He still has the quilt and he loves it. He was 2 at the time it was given to him.

Annie O

I think it looks great—and when working scrappy I always try to remember how much the quilting changes a quilt! Maybe if you switched out some of the more tan background pieces in the alternate blocks it would be a little less busy for you.


I like the edge with the sashings, could you sash all the blocks? Love the looks of your blocks.

Tracey Holzer

Go with your gut, Nicole...or make one in both ways and then show us them side by side and then we can tell you which one we like better!! LOL!! After hosting both sides of our family yesterday, I'm heading downstairs to sew another 2 blockheads. I have nine to go. Its beyond time to get that mess off my sewing table and move on!! I was wondering, Nicole, if you ever buy single fat quarters when you visit quilt stores and if you have a collection of them that aren't part of fat quarter bundles?? Or is that something that you don't do??

Mary Kastner

IMHO your version is really pretty. Very nice.


Kathleen Gentile

I'm liking the busy "free" version better. But I agree with the other person who commented that you save your collection fabrics for another quilt, and make the busy one from scraps. I recently discovered that I have this pattern tucked away and may have to make plans!

Barbara Anne

I like both but think the original would be a bit more quiet if it had fewer very dark blocks in it.

Enjoying the choices that are available!


Jennifer in Indy

I think I’d like the original version with a little less randomness. Maybe a row of blues, one of reds, etc. Any way, you can’t lose with those lovely fabrics!

Beth B.

My vote is go with the original version. OR look for and try the Miss Rosie Allemande quilt, it still has lots of smaller pinwheel blocks, but they are interspersed with larger pinwheels that break up the busy, but still feels like a fun quilt.

Nancy Watki

I love what you have done already.


I like them both. Could you do a center with lots of pinwheels like you started with, and then have the more controlled layout surrounding the center?


I love these "wild jumble" quilts when I see them online but when I try to make one, not so much. I think I am too much a controlled kind of gal to do the wild mix myself.

Marylou Hansen

Lose control! I like the original. I think you will too after the borders are added.

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