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April 03, 2018


T Holzer

How cute is she! and growing up fast, too. I am down to three BH blocks as of last nite, thanks to leftovers for dinner and supper! Have a great day, Nicole. Send some CA warmth up to SK please!!


The table topper is so sweet. And that table scene from Easter is beautiful. But the little smile on that granddaughter is the best. When you figure out what to do on your top please stop by my blog tomorrow and help me with borders!!

Mary Kastner

Brunch sounded delicious! THey grow up so fast. SHe looks like she is having a great time! Enjoy your week.


Barbara Anne

It's wonderful that so many of your family members could gather at your Dad's home for such a a delicious feast for heart, soul, and body - not to mention the taste buds!

Your State Fair table topper is a cheery delight.

Eva is Miss Photogenic, isn't she?!



Lucky Eva is going to have a lifetime of memories of happy times together! Your family's Easter table looks really scrumptious! Oh! Pretty Spring-y table topper!


Have you ever posted the French Toast recipe?

Kathleen Gentile

Love the table topper...perfect for spring, and into summer. Should it ever show up!

We have 21 blueberry need to share your recipe for Blueberry "Crack"! And I am in awe that you have that many matching chairs for a family gathering!!!


Love the topper. You'll get lots of use out of that one.I'm impressed that you have a table that will extend out to seat that many - not to mention matching chairs. I do Mother's Day and Christmas gathering for 22-24 and have to put several tables end to end and rely on folding chairs.

Would love if you shared your blueberry french toast and the mushroom casserole recipes. Both sound really great.

Eva is one lucky little girl!


Wow that is one big table and amazing spread! That topper is perfect too! Love Eva and how grown up she looks, living the life 😀

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