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April 20, 2018



Happy Anniversary must have been a child bride. Love the quilt.

Mary Kastner

a cheer for you on both subjects. 49 years is fantastic and so is finishing the s'mores quilt lattice! Have a wonderful weekend Nicole. We finally are going to see some spring weather.



Happy Anniversary. Too funny about the cards. My husband gave me the same card twice and didn't know it. Hugs


Happy Anniversary! The cards are great and so is your quilt top. Have a wonderful weekend:-)


Happy Anniversary! Your quilt is amazing! It can be quite the chore lining up the lattices but well worth the time it takes, including the unsewing.

Barbara Anne

Happy Anniversary from me, too! Love the identical card happenso. So sweet!

"Smore's is wonderful and I agree about the bother of lattices.

Today is Dh's birthday and our anniversary (#46!) is Sunday. :)



Congratulations on your anniversary! I agree about 'becoming practically the same person.' A year or so ago we exchanged identical cards & it just seemed 'normal'! Nice work on the lattice!

Robby H.

Well, your lattices are looking good. I love that you bought each other the same card. Congratulations on your anniversary.

Debbie R.

Nice work on the lattices -- you make it look easy! Congratulations on your anniversary.

Annie O

Looks great! I just did a small quilt with sashing and it was a bugger to line up. Congratulations on 49 years. That is pretty amazing giving the same card!


Can you give us a tutorial on sewing latices?


Oh, congratulations! Hope you had a lovely dinner together.

Yeah, I hate lattices. PIA(pain in a@@)

Each year my husband and I would buy the other a Xmas ornament. Had the same result as your card situation. ;p

Janet O.

Lattices are no picnic. You have done a beautiful job of it.
Happy Anniversary! Pretty funny about the cards. :)

Michele Klein

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! Your quilt looks great!


Happy Anniversary. My husband and I sometimes go "shopping" for cards - show each other the one we would give them and then put them back in the rack, lol. This all started when on of our children was in the hospital seriously ill, my parents stayed with the child while we took a quick break for dinner on our anniversary. No time for much else - passed a card stand and quickly shared cards to share. It has become a tradition. Love the square in a square quilt!

Cristina Perez

That is hilarious! Happy anniversary.


Happy Anniversary. Too funny about the cards. My husband gave me the same card twice and didn't know it. Hugs

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