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April 09, 2018



The quilt is great. It takes awhile to see the hourglass blocks, at least for me. So sad about Ozzie, hope she is better today.


What a great top and looks like a labor of love with all those pieces. Do like the color range better....poor Ozzie...hope he feels better soon and perhaps a "frosty paws" for a treat later.

pam hansen

Your layout works beautifully in featuring the various colorways. I appreciate being able to view the close ups of this great quilt.

I hope Ozzie continues to improve. His eating rice and chicken are an absolute sign of encouragement


I’m so sorry about Ozzie. I hope he’s on the mend and back to acting like himself very, very soon.

Mary Kastner

Your blocks look fantastic. Love the arrangement. HOpe Ozzie gets better soon. Poor buddy.


Leota Krantz

Please give Ozzie my best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Sherry V.

Your quilt is looking lovely.

I hope Ozzie is back to his old self soon. It is terrible when they are sick. . especially since we don't speak "doggish".

Have a fun day.


Your poor little guy looks so miserable. I agree that it's hard when they can't tell us where it hurts. Extra snuggles to Ozzie & good wishes for his speedy recovery! 🐶

Debbie R.

I love your layout! Hard-won, but it looks great. A perfect mix of sort-of-scrappy and "see-me." Nice work! Can't wait to see the finish.
Hope Ozzie feels all better soon. Eva, too. And your father.


Oh no, I love that Ozzie, so sorry he's under the weather but am hoping he bounces back to his ornery self soon.


Sending love to Ozzie!


Love how your pinwheel quilt turned out! And that you can make table topper.
Sorry that Ozzie is sick I feel with you. M cat Merlin is now 13 years old (will be 14 in July) and when I was at the vet last autumn she discoverd that he has problems with the hips. Now I need to give him medicine about every 6 weeks. Not his favorite time and not mine either.


Windmills is going to be awesome!! Poor Ozzie, hope he is better soon.

Barbara Anne

Wishing Ozzie well!

Applause for your Wondmills blocks and those leftover Hourglass blocks!!



Your. Final layout for the windmill quilt is great. It's scrappy with control

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Best wishes to Ozzie for a quick and complete recovery.


So sorry about Ozzie, hope he feels better soon! Vet bills seem so expensive but they know we will pay it to make sure our pets feel better. Your quilt layout looks great! It showcases the fabric without being too busy looking. Can't wait to see what you make up with your leftovers.


Poor Ozzie...feel better little guy.

Marylou Hansen

Love to Ozzie. Hope he starts feeling better.


I honestly like your lay out better than the original! Think I will have to pin it. I used your four patch/chain alternate block for your blockheads idea in another sampler quilt I am doing with my guild. Love your ideas.

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