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May 02, 2018


Barbara Anne

Wow! Thank you for these many and varied recommendations! Will make notes to self. :)

Hope you and the family are having a delightful time away.


Mary Kastner

Great info. Enjoy your time with your family.



that was fun! thank you - just ordered a Splash...been thinking about it and sent the 2 book recommendations to a friend who will love them! Have a wonderful vacation!


I love this post and look forward to what you share each month. Thanks!

Karen Tunnicliffe

What a great post, thanks so much. I happened to be in Phoenix when you posted about bras a while back and bought 2 of the ones with high sides, I love them. I've also selected 2 different books that you reviewed over the years as my choice when it's been my turn to pick at book club. Thank you again. Karen


Will check out the books and the tv serie they sound great.
Have a great time with your family!


Great idea to do monthly reviews! Maybe your readers will chime in with recommendations in comments, too! I'll start with my favorite heel/rough elbow cream CND SPA Cucumber Heel Therapy. I swear by it! It's the best!


Howards End has made me swoon. It is one I will buy bc I will watch it over and over again. ;p

The jeans? I found a pair I really like at JJill. Expensive but they last AND they fit AND they look nice.

pam hansen

I too enjoyed your 'variety' post. Thanks for sharing.


This was a fun post - Great idea! :-)

Jennifer in Indy

Love this list of favorites - I am in need of new jeans and new flats. Guess I should head over to Macy’s (haven’t been there in years!).

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