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May 24, 2018


Mary Kastner

You are on your way Nicole. ENjoy the process. I do love Loc Blocks BUT they are so dang expensive! let me know if you ever see them so sale. I could use a couple more for sure!


Barbara Anne

What a perfectly charming wee star! One done, 126 to go. :)

I find the block-loc tools too expensive, too. My make 4 matching Flying geese at a time method also gives perfect results as you trim thoe, too.

Have fun! Oh, and don't lost count!!


Nancy Watkins

I love all your quilts but being I love stars I think this one will my favorite! I can wait three years to see this because it will be stunning! Now to look into that little block-loc I have meant to do for ages.

Debbie R.

This is going to be a beautiful quilt! I love your fabrics and pattern. Actually, every pattern in that book is stunning. Sounds like you are taking your time and enjoying each step of the process. Perfect!


Cute little star block!
I don't have a blocloc ruler I think they are too expensive and you need way too many of them. I love my normal ruler (8.5"x12" from Omnigrip) and I can cut everything with it.

Connie Morgan

Love your block! What fabric did you use for the background on your block? I love it!

Annie O

Those are tiny blocks! I know you’ll enjoy all the stitching and tolerate the tedious cutting and trimming just fine over the next three years 😜


I made 3" stars for a miniature with my Bloc Loc rulers. Oh, they really help keep your block sizes true which is so important with so tiny blocks! Your choice of background in so pretty. I look forward to seeing the progress you make.


AURORA!!!! It is gorgeous. I don't know why tiny is so pretty but it is! I think you can get that done over the 3 day weekend. I have faith. ;p


Adorable little stars. The Bloc-loc is a great tool! I use mine all the time.

Liz Stroud

Oh my gosh! I just love that quilt... I too have had my eye on that one.. I look forward to seeing all the progress you make. Happy Memorial Weekend!

Nancy Watkins

I just ordered this little ruler and book. Have you decided on your background fabrics yet?

Nancy Watkins

I found where you said what you were using. Thanks for sharing your projects!

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