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May 29, 2018



I agree with your thoughts on the reason behind observing Memorial Day. Our town had services yesterday to honor past & present military members. The cemetery was decorated with American flags & new bouquets on graves. The weather was gloomy with some rain which seemed to add to the somber feeling of the day.

T Holzer

Well as a Canadian, I firmly believe that our freedom is greatly influenced by the strength of the US military. We kinda ride on your coat tails! I watched a documentary on life in Syria a few months back and all I could think about was trying to raise children in that atmosphere.
Your stars are coming along nicely.


Love your pretty blue stars!

A. Bouwman

Love the stars. More is more.
And happy memorial day sounds very strange.


I knew you'd make a dent in those stars! ;p

Mary Kastner

THe stars look great. Memorial Day needs a reboot on what it means. It has been lost over the years I think.



Thank you for saying, "more is more." At my fabric-spree trial, you will be my star witness!

Barbara Anne

Love the stars and that you've added stash blues to spice it up!


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