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May 14, 2018


Barbara Anne

So happy to hear that the stars are being stiched so well with your new-to-you Bernina! Drama-free is the best. :)

Happy to hear, too, that love abounds in your extended family.

Have fun at the fair!


Susan Ramey Cleveland

I have that flag pattern and hope to get something made from it this summer. I have lots of quilt ideas all of a sudden and can’t possibly get them all done. But I’m gonna try. Belated Happy Mother’s day.


Don't sell your skills short! Those stitches are perfection but the machine operator has much to do with the end result! It sounds like you have a busy week ahead. We're in a state full of small towns & I can promise you county fairs are a very big deal! Everything else takes a back seat to that time of year!

Mary Kastner

It sounds like you had a nice weekend for Mother's Day. have fun at the fair!


Annie O

It’s always a good thing if parents of littles stay in their lives! Your star looks great.
We used to get a Fair Day when it was held in the Fall, I remember that clearly. We would watch the Fair Parade and follow it to the Fairgrounds. My husband, who grew up 20 miles away in the same County never went to the Fair—he went to Leo Carrillo Beach to swim and surf! Now that it’s in August there is no Fair Day. This year they announced there would be no parade :(


Your stars look good!
I'm glad you a wonderful day yesterday I went to visit my brother in-laws and it was a nice day.
We don't have county fairs in the city but hey, I have two quilt shops not more than half an hour away and some grocery stores not more than 5 minutes. And in autumn we have the original Oktoberfest and the whole world copies it. I would never wanna live in the country (horror) but to each their own, right;-)


I didn't know your daughter re-married. Congratulations to her! It is so nice to hear about a family that can make things work. It is a gift for Eva to have so many people love her. :)

Have fun at the fair...wear a hat cause it will be a long day in the sun. ;p


Nicole, your stars are lovely! I'm sure you have more to do with that than the machine! It's wonderful that you have a good relationship with your ex SIL...does your daughter have a problem with that? I was lucky enough to spend the day with my mom, sister and her son and his family, as well as my husband, and my daughter and her husband, who are expecting. My son was supposed to be there also, but had to take his wife to the ER on Saturday, the flu got her. He was still going to come, but I told him to stay home and take care of her. I'm going to bring them dinner this week. I also got to speak to my other daughter who lives in Florida, so all in all a good day! I'm so happy that you had a good day too!

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