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May 09, 2018


Linda Enneking

I think you should sit outside with a good book and enjoy the nice weather. If you still aren't excited about this project a few days from now, put it aside and work on something else for a while.


Go outside and read! You can come back to the sewing when you want to. There is no deadline on the sewing and you do it for personal enjoyment, so if your heart is calling you to something else for awhile, go with that!

Mary Kastner

Reading a good book sounds great to me and it is lovely outside right now. I do switch projects probably too often! I have been trying to stay focused this year with a list of UFO's. I must say it is helping but I still get distracted. Enjoy your time doing what you want to do !



Tidy up the project and get it ready so you can just sit down and work on it AFTER you come back from reading, (and other things), the next time you are in your sewing room you can either look at it and get back to work or sort it into a box for later. no judgement here. Sometimes I just want a project to percolate while I work on something else. I usually come back with more enthusiasm!

Karen R Seemuth

You could get a head start on holiday gifts and make some zippered pouches!

Stephani in N. TX

When I stall after making lots of blocks, they go up on the design wall. If I am 2/3 or 3/4 done with blocks I start putting them together, one-quarter of the quilt at a time and then eventually sew two quarters together, and then the last two quarters while I complete the last of the blocks. I also hang the border fabric up by the blocks to see the inspiration view. It keeps me motivated to keep going, even if it's a bit slower paced, in order to accommodate company coming, or other desires. I try to keep it moving even if some of the air has gone out of my balloon. And I'm sure to love a quilt that's nearly done or all done, so I come full circle on a project I really wanted to make.


Exactly how I feel! I just want to be outside. Here in Iowa we have waited for this weather for a long time. I have rainy days to sew and must enjoy the nice weather and get my yard work done!

Barbara Anne

I like Stephani's idea to put the blocks on the design wall (with some good music playing), then go outside, read, cook, play with Ozzie, or do something else that comes to your relaxed mind. When you go back to your sewing room, see what grabs your attention and go with that.


Michele Klein

We all hit the wall occasionally. So go outside, read a book or even some handwork. No one says you have to finish every project right me I know, I have a closet of unfinished projects! Waiting for the AZ summer heat to hit.

T Holzer

Once I didn't feel like sewing and I ended up not sewing for 4 years, Nicole! Yikes, don't do that. So early last winter I could feel that same thing coming on and I think most of my angst was coming from the BH project and the perpetual mess that it left on my sewing table. Messes don't go well with my head!! I put it away for a couple months and started a new, fun and easy project. Life is too short and time is so what's in your heart and you'll never go wrong! Right?!? Have a great day reading on your porch and soaking in the sunshine. :-)

Karen Likens

Can you move your sewing machine to your porch and sew outside?

Kathleen Gentile

Sit outside and read! I find that if I'm not into sewing at the moment, I tend to make mistakes and who needs that?!


If your heart is not into it put it aside for a while. Sit outside, read a book, start a new project ... whatever you really want to do right now. And when you come back to this project you will love it again.


I have to agree with the others that if your heart isn't in it, set sewing aside & spend time on something you feel like doing instead. Last year I didn't want to sew for about six months. Once I got back into it I haven't stopped! It isn't your job, so there's no harm in taking time off!

Debbie R.

Sit outside and read! Sewing is pleasure and therapy, so no need to push it. If you need to slide another project in, do that. Your "problem" project is going to be spectacular, so wait and get back to it when you heart is in it.

Linda Smith

It's really a relief for me to know that others have spells where they don't feel like sewing. I have so many unfinished projects I need to get done and several new ones I want to start and I just get frozen about what to do. One thing I have done before that can help is to do a really simple, quick project and it can encourage me to keep going.
Enjoy the weather while you can - read!


Listen to your heart. The sewing will be there when you are ready to get back to it. And maybe not this project, but another. Fabric keeps!


I sometimes will do a small little project just to get back onto sewing mode. Am doing a free block of week from LQS and if do one of them see I’m good to go again..

Kathi Kittle

I had felt like that for about five months...just didn't feel like sewing. I finally decided to take a class at the local quilt shop hoping I would get my groove back! I thought getting together with other quilters and seeing their quilts take shape would help me...and it did! I find myself in my sewing room more often now, and anxious to get this one done!


Well, don't follow my example bc I put the project aside and move onto something else. ;p


Go outside and read! Sometimes taking a break is the best thing until you get the excitement back for the project.

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