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May 31, 2018



Wow, that is a lovely box of goodies! The pepper and flax fabric line is beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll make with it.


This box was really okay and way better than the last boxes. What I totally hate that there's a lot of yellow fabrics in the boxes and it's my hate color so it's really annoying for me. Also the patterns are also so boring I'd rather have real designer pattern in there and not this over priced simple one-block patterns. Rumor has it that next month there'll be Vintage Holidays by Bonnie & Camille in the box.

Mary Kastner

I have been wondering about these things. Thank you very much for sharing. Your gamble paid off quite nicely.



I have been part of this for a year now and absolutely love each box! I look forward to them every month. Thanks for sharing!


I've been getting the boxes for about nine months. loved the first few and then a streak of meh. I think my tastes just run more traditional and the notions were lacking. But I kept thinking that if I quit now, I would be sorry because my luck, I would love the next few again. Sort of like playing your numbers in the lottery and as soon as you stop, your numbers come up :). Guess that's the case as I have really liked the last two months!


I'm not surprised. Fat Quarter Shop is 1st rate. ;p


Fat Quarter Shop is the standard for packaging! My problem is I don't get around to projects like this & feel guilty for letting them sit. I'll look forward to seeing your finished table topper quilt!


I LOVED this box. It is my second box that I have received - the first box not so much... But that little ruler is the bomb! And I love everything Corey Yoder, and the Alphabitties - so helpful - I had no idea they could be so useful! You’re right, this box was so spot on!

Cindy Krelle

Just wondering if you’ve read the Secret Keeper. It was recommended by many and I’m half way through....and so far, still undecided about it. I usually agree with your “likes” and was just wondering.

Cindy Krelle

Sorry, author is Kate Morton.

Mary Flynn

I tried the box last fall and can't recall now what it was because I immediately sold it on IG along with many others. It was so disappointing and not me at all so I cancelled immediately and since then beautiful boxes! Just can't win, can I? LOL I'm rarely looking at blogs these days and just trying to mend myself and prep for the move. Wanted to pop in to say hi.


You got me! Ordered mine on Friday and it came today. Love the Corey Yoder Jolly Bar. I told them that you sent me!

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