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May 30, 2018


pam hansen

Your stars are adorable. I ordered a Bloc-loc for making geese in a larger size. I'm looking forward to trying it as I definitely like my hst ruler by the same company.

Eva is at a fun age. Love the beauty you captured in your photo.

Mary Kastner

The stars look great. Keep on trucking Nicole! It is amazing how fast they grow up. Literally brings tears to my eyes on occasion. Have a great day!


Lin McQuiston

For your design wall, there is a little thing called the Cotton Picker. It’s $5.00 and can be purchased at I have one and it is amazing at getting those loose threads off.

Debbie R.

I love your stars. Just carry on, as you're able. Slowly but surely the number will grow. As for how quickly kids grow up ... just try to enjoy every minute!

Amy L

The tip that I saw online for clearing a thready design wall comes from Victoria Findlay Wolfe, and I use it regularly because it's so easy. You get a cheap toilet brush (mine is from Dollar Tree), and brush your design wall with it. Those threads come off into the bristles quickly. And you can pull the threads from the bristles with no hassle. And I hang my brush to the side of the design wall using a 3m Command hook so I can find it.

Barbara Anne

Lucky you to have a large design wall, hairy or not! :)

Eva is a 2nd grader already? But wasn't she a sweet baby just two blinks ago?!



'Slow & steady wins the game'...The Tortoise & The Hare? I like your idea of working on a few each day as time permits. Enjoy the summer with Eva! Second Graders are so much fun! They read & are becoming independent, but not too independent quite yet!


That's why I love to make sampler quilts. I always get bored when I need to make the same block again and again. But on the other side your stars look so beautiful!
Can't believe that Eva will already be a 2nd grader time surely flies.

Rebecca Ball

Love the little stars. I just use a tape roller on my design wall. I don't know what fabric yours is made of, mine is flannel.


I use a lint roller on my design wall. Works and it's cheap and quick!

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