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June 11, 2018


Molly Hinchcliffe

I love your posts so please don't let some idiots change that. And your quilting is inspiring. Don't you think that people are less kind today? Would it hurt anyone to be nice? Sorry that happened to you. Love the 2nd barn block with the tiny, tiny HST's


Nichole, don't let a few "fuddy duddys" ruin the joy for you. Yours blog is one of my favorites - I always find inspiration in you projects, fabric choices and how you make decisions. Love that you share when things go wrong too - makes me feel it's normal when happens to me. Many thanks!!!

Debby Maples

I am not a blogger but love your stories, especially the 1904 quilt. I have done that very thing and had to buy more fabric. It was nice to know I am not the only one. Our world is full of ads glad you do not have any! Debby from Tn, and thanks for being a great blogger.


Good Morning! I always enjoy reading your blog, but even more so today because the story of the lady who wanted the pattern truly made me laugh out loud! You can’t make this stuff up, right? Anyways for what it’s worth, I always figure that a person’s comments are a reflection of THEIR spiritual condition, not yours. Keep up the great work!


Well, I enjoy reading your blog posts so please don't let a few bad apples dissuade you from continuing. I'm often inspired by the projects you tackle and enjoy the honesty and humour in your writing. And - so glad you don't have annoying ads on your blog.
By the way, your barns are looking great. I can imagine that block #2 would be quite fiddly!


Yours is the first blog I check every morning! You are so interesting and relatable. I laugh with you and sometimes cry when you have something
Sad going on. You are so eloquent you could write professionally. Please
Don’t stop.

Barbara Anne

Love the barn blocks and your bravery to make those tiny HSTs! Uuuff!

Don't let the turkeys get you down, my friend!



Every morning, I open email and then I go to the blogs that I follow. Yours is always the first that I open. People can be self-centered and think that the world revolves around them and that they are entitled. They are not. Kindred spirits are kindred spirits and those that are not..... well..... Ignore! Keep up your fun blog! I always enjoy seeing what you are working on.


There are NO quilt shops where I live so blogs are my connection to the “ outside world”. I actually live in a populated area, just not too many quilters. I so appreciate all the bloggers who share their projects, ideas and their lives. 2018 has been very cruel to my family and reading these blogs take me “away” to a kinder,gentler place. Thank you!

As far as the bad behavior goes, I remember going to Little League games where a few badly behaved people were front and center. Such a bad example to the kids- a far from nurturing example for the kids. Then I realized that those loudmouths were in the minority,all the quiet, well behaved parents were sitting in the stands,blending into the background as they did not draw attention to themselves.

Sorry that you bear the brunt of those demanding types. I don’t know whatever happened to mutual respect and self control. I still like to think that there are more nice people than rude, they are just not as obvious.

Mary Kastner

I certainly look forward to hearing from you regularly. I feel like we have a lot in common! It is amazing to me what some people consider acceptable behavior. MY goodness!



Some people in life just don't get it and think they should read what they post in response to bloggers. I have always enjoyed you blog and all your projects.....barns are going to be fabulous. I to am adding some color to mine and thanks for


Well said. I truly enjoy your posts. I miss you when a day has no post.
I like that you admit when you make errors and corrections in your piecing. We all do, but some fail to admit it.
As far as social media goes, some people have no filter.

Panto Pam

Oh, my goodness! Today people will say/type anything! What happened to manners and playing nicely? I LOVE your blog and SO enjoy seeing/reading about what you are working on as well as updates about your precious grand.

Roseanna Jakubowski

Your blocks look fantastic. I've been doing the Sew Sampler box from the get-go and I love them. It is like getting a present every month. I love the addition of red for the barn blocks. I have not started mine yet and may have to copy you. :o) I am a fairly quiet blog follower but it really irritates me that a comment like that is made. That person obviously does not follow your work. When I was much younger I attended some guild meetings to learn from the other quilters there. I attended my first local quilt show with these ladies. At each quilt some would make "judge-ie", kind of snarky comments about 'imperfections' they saw. It bothered me so much. I thought we were to support each other. I can take constructive criticism but not snarky judgment. Needless to say I did not join the guild. While I love to sew and quilt it put a kind of stereotype about older quilters in my mind and I stepped away from quilting for awhile. I have since found wonderful quilters to admire and be inspired by. Now I am an old lady quilter (60) and I still dream of piecing as accurate as you. You are such a quilting inspiration and a lot more. Thank you for sharing.

Debbie R.

Nice barn blocks -- and yes, barns should include some red! I'll add my voice to the others. I really look forward to your posts, your stories, your process, your progress, your opinions, and all else that you share with us. Thank you. Thank you, also, for choosing not to have ads -- much appreciated. You make a great positive contribution to the on-line quilting community!

T Holzer

Oh my!!! I love that we can learn from those around us and know who we want to be and who we don't! Have a fabulous day, Nicole!!!


Nicole, please let me add "my two cents" to the comments. I don't understand why anyone feels the need to make a nasty or critical comment. People seem to be more mean spirited or is it that they feel the anonymity of social networks protect them?

Continue to blog! I love your blog and read it daily (if you've posted.) I do like it when someone tells you about a piece is turned or out of order because that is a helpful comment. You know how I feel about RED!


Amen and pass the rotary cutter.

Sue Slater

I rarely comment but always read your blog as soon as a post comes up. I love that you do not have ads as I also find them annoying. I enjoy everything you write and especially love your book reviews. I print it out for my book group and we often use your comments to choose a book, if not for the group, for individuals to read. And, I have learned tricks to improve my own quilting from your posts. Keep up the good work.

Patty Fowl

Good Morning Nicole,

Loving the red in the barn blocks and I may have to rethink my color choices (I purchased the Black/white/grey FQS bundle ... but think I will add red to it).
I love your blog. I don't comment often, many times because what I may be thinking, has already been said , asked, or answered. It is the first site I check every morning, even on vacation! Your quilts, over the many years I have read your blog, are really inspiring and have often given me the urge to make my own version. And I love your tips, tricks, and hearing about notions you have used and liked or disliked.
Social media... I have a love/hate relationship. Quilting blogs seem to be falling by the wayside in favor of other media platforms. I love that Facebook has allowed me to connect with old friends I would never have found, follow quilting shops, pattern and fabric designers, baking and recipe sites. It feels like an extended group of friends. However, I have found that the anonymity of not being "face to face" when commenting seems to give some the license or freedom to say whatever they want or make mean or inappropriate comments... and additionally, I had my Instagram account hacked and suddenly all my quilt pictures appeared on another woman's Instagram page (detected by a family member of mine who suddenly detected a name, unknown to her, in her list of "following".) After 9 emails to Instagram to resolve it, I gave up... I had absolutely NO response from Instagram, so that left a sour taste in my mouth as some woman has my quilts, my dogs, and my husband pictured in her Instagram feed!
In ending, please keep up the inspiring quilting posts, the delicious recipe posts, the wonderful book-worthy posts, and the entertaining family and vacation posts. It feels like you are sitting across the table from me as we share a cup of coffee and conversation!


The online world is a curious place. I read a lot of bogs and seldom comment. Commenting is not always easy and it’s the idiots that have caused it to be difficult. (Im still wishing bad things on that person that put poison in extra strength Tylenol!!!)
I love my daily blog reading and feel they have taught me a lot. I even read those with ads and have gotten my mind to ignor them.
One of my daily reads posts easy tutorials and repeatedly has to remind people she makes scrap quilts so does not post yardage or resize the patterns for them. For goodness sakes they are FREE.


Your's is the first blog I read each day, followed by a couple of others who also do not have ads. I've learned so much & found so many helpful tools & ideas which you've generously shared. My local quilt shop owner ordered the strip cutting ruler you showed in April because of your explanation & clear photo of 'how to'. Your expertise is very much appreciated! I really don't understand why more & more people feel it's ok to go on the attack & hurtfully criticize, name-call & worse. Thank you for your kindness & thoughtful blog.

Mary Lines

And while you are checking on that pattern could you research someone who can give me a new roof? You know, check references, order the material and schedule the appointment for next week. Thanks a lot. You are so helpful.

Some people!!!

Michele Klein

Oh my! Some people just don't get it. I work at a LQS and some customers think we know it all and can get every pattern, fabric or notion they desire. We can't have it all or do we know it all! We are just regular people working at a job that we love...working with fabric. Fortunately these people are just the minority. I read something today that made me think and it basically said "it is how we react to these situations that make us up to who we are so choose to react positively." Life is too short to let negative people rule your life.
Love the barn blocks. Red, black and white are up there as my favorite quilts. Can't wait to see it!
Have a great day!


First your barn block looks really cute! I thought about making them too but change them up a bit to not make barns but houses (I'm a city girl no barns around here).
Second, I don't think that the 'Better done than perfect' comment was meant as criticsm but a reference to your caption that this block was a bit of a challenge to you. I agree a lot of people use social media as a way to leave nasty comments but not in this case I think (at least that is the way I understand it).

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