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June 04, 2018



I have that Frivols tin too and was thinking it would make a great Fourth of July piece! Yours is awesome. Xoxo


Hey, I've got that frivols tin-and it's still not opened along with the backing and binding fabric. After ordering most of the frivols, I discovered that little quilts are not my forte, and the tins were placed on a shelf. I hadn't thought about making table runners-thanks for the inspiration.

Mary Kastner

You did a lot of work to make those blocks and they are cute. ONe more short week here in the Creek and my granddaughters will be loose too! The heat the last couple of days was stifling! I did sew though. Have a good day!


Cute runner. I live in Oklahoma and am curious as to what shop had the fabric.

Debbie R.

Love your table runner -- and the story that goes with it. Hurray for patience, a seam ripper and a little re-doing. Sounds like you will have a good summer. Enjoy all that time with Eva. Nana school sounds brilliant!


That's a pretty patriotic runner! Nice that you were able to use the wonky blocks after all! I can see you & Eva choosing a nice stack of books at the library then spending Nana School time enjoying them! Followed by a refreshing afternoon in the pool when it's hot!


Cute table runner and I'm glad you found some fabric for the border. lthough I think with minick & Simpson you could also add a print from another collection and it would still great.
Have a fun summer time with Eva and enjoy your pool time.

Barbara Anne

What a delightful table runner! It will be perfect for the 4th and thereafter. I, too, would have used a stash fabric from that (make that FOR) your outer borfer.

Sorry for the typos.



Love your tabletopper! Have a fun summer with 3va, looking forward to pool pics of her!


Super cute! It becomes a quest of track down just the right fabric via the Internet. Glad you found what you were looking for.

Mary Flynn

Have fun with your little friend. *wink*


I love Minick and Simpson fabric and designs. I have several patterns in the queue from them.

Have a lovely summer with Eva and enjoy the library. So many fun books to read together! One of my faves is Bunnicula. It's about a group of animals in one family.

The dog gets it into his mind that the bunny is a vampire sucking all the juice out of the vegetables. It is just fun!

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