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June 12, 2018



"Faithful" is my fav, and all three are winners. (Good call on that border fabric.)


Still admiring “Faithful”— it is so beautiful! Maybe I open up my Frivol box today...

Barbara Anne

Wonderful little quilts and well done, you!!

I agree that professional quilting suits me better, but budget requires I quilt the small ones myself. Not brilliant, but the three layers won't fall apart!


Mary Kastner

Your home is going to look very festive for the 4th of July this year. Great finishes Nicole!


Stephani in N. TX

Festive quilts for your holidays ahead. Good for you Nicole. Every one is lovely. I have finished just one quilt in 2018 because of my move and the time it takes to nail things down in the sewing room. But, I have another quilt 3/4 done. I looked in one of my sewing totes trying to size up the what and wherefores of my first Halloween quilt. Somehow I have quilts for every holiday but that. Have a good deal of it done, so maybe if I get going, I can have it quilted and ready for that holiday.


'Faithful' looks perfect! So glad you were able to track down the border fabric! They'll all look great in your home for the 4th of July...which is coming up quickly! How did that happen???

Karrin Hurd

Love your quilts, especially “Faithful”


Love the border fabric for your Faithful table topper. Like you I keep a mental list of shops I would order from again or not. Although sometimes you have to give a shop a second chance.
Will you leave your Recess quilt as it is or will you also put a border around it?

Sharon Tucker

I just pulled out my Americana bunting flags yesterday. It's time to get the RW&B out and on the walls and tables. I love seeing all your decorating ideas. You're far more detailed than I, so I love all the home photos you past. And keep blogging....


Fantastic patriotic quilts. I totally agree that a quilt is "free" when it comes from your stash!


I love those. The more machine quilting you do the better you will get. One great way to practice is with kids quilts. Kids are pretty forgiving and if you do charity ones it is win win all around. You have really great machines that can do fine work.

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