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July 09, 2018


Barbara Anne

I do admire your energy and plans in making these marvelous blocks "just so"! Also your freedom in not following patterns exactly but substituting blocks you prefer ccasionally!

Sorry about those flying geese. My Grandma Hall's first name was Agnes, too!


Mary Kastner

Ugh! All that time for nothing. I am getting more and more paranoid as I age about not "getting it right". Seems easier to screw up these days for me. The blocks look really nice. Looks like a big project to me. GOod luck !


Kathy Czuprynski

I've done that before, too! I consider myself relatively intelligent yet I always have a problem when cutting out the Quilt in a Day method. And yet I love that method because I get a better block when using my Bloc Loc Rulers (I have every size and they are WELL WORTH IT!!!) Have you seen What If You Fly by Carrie Nelson? One of my next projects. I will be joining you in the quest for a plethora of flying geese!


Bummer don’t you hate it when you have spent all that time cutting. Think I need to get one of those bloc loc rulers to do flying geese.


I'm sorry to hear about the mix up. I hope you can save the fabric you cut for another project!

Nancy Watkins

Oh how I feel for you with the flying geese mistake! That is certainly something that would happen to me. I forgot a border on one side of a quilt once and the quilter didn’t catch it either. I was devastated since it was a beautiful shabby chic quilt but my daughter loved it anyway. I cannot believe how much you get done! 😊


Oh no, so sorry about the mix up, I feel your pain. I had never heard that "air is blue" saying but it made my day. This quilt is going to be amazing.

Stephani in N. TX

Ugh, too difficult when we blissfully stitch along doing the "wrong block!" Sally forth Nicole. You will laugh this off once your beautiful quilt is together.


I agree "it's just fabric" but that lost time would infuriate me--"turn the air blue"!! Just remember quilting is supposed to be fun & move on! Have a great week!


Oh sorry, to hear abut your mess up. But perhaps you could use your 'wrong' flying geese for some of the blocks? Or use them in a table runner.


i've done that, too. :( use the messed up geese in a pieced back for this quilt or just use them for a table topper or two. ;p

Debbie R.

The end result will be beautiful. Those 'mistakes' can be put to good use sometime in the future. In the meantime, in the spirit of the season, just ho, ho, ho and carry on.


What a bummer! Good thing you had extra fabric! You can probably use the geese for something else, maybe even in the blocks. Can't wait to see how you lay it out.

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