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July 18, 2018



'Something in the water' sounds amazing I'll definitly read this one.

Barbara Anne

Oh, you know me and this type book. Last one I read was "The Shining" so that tells you how long ago that was. I read it straight through, all the lights on in the house and finished it at 3am that long ago morning. Then couldn't go to s

sleep for having tachycardia (fast heart beat). DH wasn't pleased I made him stay up with me either ... :)



I like Two Girls Down and am currently reading Then She Was Gone. Will have to add the others to my list.

gloria g. Walls

when it's Sy Fy, I can read it, but if it seems real......I would do the same Barbara, lights on, husband up and with me and would probably never sleep again......even the Shinning gets No, I won't read these, or watch a movie like them.......thanks Nicole. Enjoy them yourself, :>) gloria g. Wellborn, FL


Thanks for the recommendations!


I just put all of those on hold at my library! Where do you get your suggestions on what to read?? Sometimes I have the hardest time finding books I like.

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