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July 16, 2018



Lots of progress made on this and have to agree that the settings of flying geese really make the blocks. Not fun making blocks over but in the end you will be happy....sure is going to be a very pretty quilt.

Mary Kastner

THe geese really do pull the blocks together. I think they focus your eyes looking at all the different blocks. great choice!


Sherry V.

Oh it is looking so good! It is already a beauty. . . can't wait to see it completely finished.

Nancy Watkins

Beautiful. Aren’t you glad you finished it?


It really is gorgeous! Isn't it amazing the difference starch can make? Can't wait to see the finished quilt!

Debbie R.

Looking good!


Just beautiful! The geese tie it all together. When doing this, how do you determine what size geese to make so the geese will come out perfect around the block?


It's a fabulous setting. All those tips add up to accurate piecing.


This quilt is going to be a stunner when it's finished--it's well on its way! You should add 6) Use plenty of sticky notes to label quilt components! I have a few pads close by to keep myself straight on what's what for piecing. Have a great week sewing!

Patty Fowl

Such a timely post! I participated in last year’s Triangle Gatherings sponsored by Lisa Bonjean and Primitive Gatherings. I kept up with the program and finished it on time but they never presented any finishing/setting my 6 1/2” blocks sat... all 80+ of them. I think you have filled that gap for me!

Barbara Anne

Brilliant! Thanks for the stellare suggestions, too.



I just love this! I appreciate the tips you've given-someday I would like to attempt this too. And I admire you for re-making the blocks you didn't really like-that sounds like something I would do!. I just can't enjoy mine unless its my best work. Good luck with the finish!

Linda Smith

Thanks for the tips. When you say you oversize the units so you can trim them to the correct size, how do you deal with making sure you don't cut off an important piece of the design, like a point (I hope the question makes sense)?

Mary Flynn

Absolutely stunning!

Dianne Deaver

Love your quilt. I have so many in the works I can't afford the time for more but this one sure looks like a lot of fun. Great job!


It looks fantastic!


The is so amazingly beautiful! I am so in love with this project!!! It is worth making all those geese! ;p

Patty Fowl

Nicole, The link for Carrie’s setting/finishing instructions seems to be non-functional or disabled. Can I ask you if your geese are 1 1/2 x 3 inch finished and what is the width of your sashing between the blocks? Thank you In advance for all your help.

Cristina Perez

Fabulous setting.

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