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August 08, 2018


Barbara Anne

I am so sorry, too, at the dreadful quality of the air. Praying for rain or something to quench the fires.

Big hugs!

Mary Kastner

It is just so sad on so many levels. Hopefully our news will get a whole lot better on the fire front soon.


T Holzer

Those fires have such incredible force. So incredibly scary and damaging. Take care, Nicole.

Stephani in N. TX

I remember living in SoCal and occasionally seeing summer fire sky, having ash all over cars and sidewalks. It has made me fire-conscious in my life. Living on the prairie in TX makes one appreciate flat land where fires can be extinguished more easily. Can't remember such a bad season for CA, but the population has increased so much in the 35 years I've been in TX. Certainly, scary. Stay safe. Stay inside and stitch.


My friend's son is a Hot Shot Firefighter & I can tell you it's a parent's worry all during fire season. Smoke in our air from California fires is obscuring mountains & making it difficult to breathe for many in our area of the country. We may not be there but we're reminded daily of your state's devastation this summer. Sending you good thoughts for relief from Wyoming!


Amen! Those folks are doing a tremendous job.
I grew up in CA and don't remember anything like this in the 40's and 50's. I suspect we will not have clear air until the rains begin in earnest which is months from now. Got to be hard on the kids. Until then, keep the treadmills going and enjoy the extra stitching time.
Linda in Rdg


My heart breaks for everyone affected by these fires. I wish we could figure out how to get some of the torrential rain we're having out to you guys! Just take care.


We also have problems due to the hot summer here in Germany but nothing like that. Thaat'sreally really scary and I hope you and your family stay safe.


Living in rural Illinois I take my clean air for granted. Thanks for the reminder that it's the little things that make life enjoyable, I'll appreciate my fresh air on my morning walk tomorrow. Stay in, stay safe.

Carol C

I'm in British Columbia and our air is not nearly as as bad as yours...yet. Thank goodness for all the dedicated firefighters. We have some from Mexico, the US, Australia and New Zealand as well. Every summer is worse. Hang in there! Fall is coming.

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