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August 06, 2018


Mary Kastner

The blocks are wonderful. YOur trip sounds fantastic. So much fun and you will be with your son! Have a great week Nicole.



That's a terrific block and looks great for a Halloween tablerunner. Your trip will be here before you know it. Haven't done that tour but it sounds like a blast.

T Holzer

I agree, Nicole, stunning design for this block! For your first two block, did you figure it out without the pattern? Impressive, if thats what you did! How about making one in red, hunter green and ivory for a Christmas quilt? A Christmas log cabin has been on my list to make for years and years. I wonder if the bookstores would be able to mail your books home to CA directly after you purchased them? I assume most businesses like that would do online sales, so maybe they'd mail yours as well? September will be here in the blink of an eye!!


That will be such a great table runner at Halloween! Glad you're finding enjoyment making the blocks...the 'stalled out' projects will come back to life when you're ready. The visit to your son & all the planned side trips will be here before you know it!

Loris Mills

I think I might agree with you here. This is definitely a coolest block ever. I love what you are doing with them. Thanks for sharing your size choices as they make a very usable block size. I'm inspired :-)


Your block is really amazing and that it's a design by Carrie doesn't surprise me at all she has the best quilt ideas!
I love books too and have the hardest time to walk out of a bookstore without a purchase.
The HP tour sounds like fun I hope you make lots of pictures.


Love your blocks and your idea for a table runner. Thanks for sharing the pattern with us. I like how Carrie used scrappy fabrics for her geese...both of you have done a super job!


Definitely the world's coolest block!


Can’t wait to see your completed runner; looks cute so far! If you like travel books including essays and literature, Stanford’s near Leicester Square is great.


I finally searched for the book so I could tell you. LOL! So glad someone traced it for you. I have had my fabric pulled for it forever, maybe this will spur me on to finally starting it.

Colleen Gander

Ten years ago, I travelled as a chaperone on my son's high school tour of London. A student from his rowing club was attending Cambridge and rowing for their team. We decided to slip away from the school tour to visit the rower at Cambridge and in the process we had the unplanned but fortunate opportunity to be in the station with that unique 9 3/4 platform. We were avid readers of the series, sharing the books from the time he began to read chapter books. It was a great experience to share with him. As fans, I know you will enjoy the tour.

Stephanie L. Davison

I love this block! And I love that you're doing Halloween table runners!

I just finished binge-watching the Harry Potter movies 2 nights ago. My daughter read all the books and saw all the movies when she was younger (she's 40 now), but I only saw a couple of the movies and read only a couple of the books before I lost the continuity and with work and all, never got any farther. Now I have to buy the books, because I see what all the fuss was about!

Hope you take lots of pictures, both of Ireland, and the HP tour!


Amazing block! Enjoy your trip.


We were in England for a big chunk of July. My husband is English, so we go every other year. This year we had tea at the ham yard hotel. It was really fun. It was a traditional tea with modern twists on the food served. Have fun on your trip, I just love that part of the world.


As soon as I saw this block I thought of the game parcheesi I played as a child

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