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August 07, 2018



Great looking quilts-in-progress. On the sampler quilt, I like the openness of the white square, though think red could work too. My advice is to keep it simple, so that element does not compete with the blocks but frames them in an interesting way.


Always, always great stuff on your blog. I love your table runner!

Mary Kastner

SOlid. Ream would be my vote. There is a lot to look at. It is beautiful. Therunner is perfect for fall and Halloween. I am so ready for cooler weather!


Mary Kastner

That would be solid cream. Poor proofreading at this time of the day -sorry!

Barbara Anne

Applause for both stellare quilts you're working on! I'd vote for trying a square-in-a-square where the flying geese meet. See how you like it!



Love both of these projects that you are working on.

I agree with trying the square in a square - same colors as the flying geese. Isn't that what is connecting the flying geese in the table runner?

T Holzer

Oh that centre star is a tough one! I think if you used a dark red, you'd lose some of the visual effect of the flying geese. But what would the center square look like with one of the higher reds from the blocks? Or light red and cream square in a square??
When you made the log cabin blocks, did you use a log cabin ruler? And when you made your flying geese, which method did you use? Bloc loc?
I'm off to work today, so no sewing for me. You'll have to do some extra for me, Nicole!!

T Holzer

Love that table runner!


My 'vote' is for solid cream to keep from distracting from the other elements of the quilt. Both the runner & the quilt are beautiful! It didn't take long to get your quilting mojo back!


I love both projects!
For the Christmas quilt I would keep the light effect of the centers but use different whites like in the backgrounds of your blocks. Would make it more interesting I think.
Your Halloween tbale runner will be so cute when it's finished and I love the Christmas color idea!


I agree that center of neutral/cream would work and not detract/compete with your same color geese. If your geese were different colors, then square in a square with a center hst (as Carrie Nelson did) would work.
Both projects are looking great. Kudos.


oh, man! those are both gorgeous!

Dianne Deaver

Love both projects. The Christmas quilt I would opt for red since it would make the blocks stand out more than the cream. This is a quilt you could use year round. Egads I am so behind on holidays!

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