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September 27, 2018



Thank you for sharing!! Have very much enjoyed your travels along the way with you. I have Irish blood, but have never visited Ireland.


Thank you so much for blogging while you've traveled. I've enjoyed reading about what you're seeing & experiencing! Wishing you both a safe journey home.


I loved your little travelogues! Thanks so much for sharing some of your experiences of this trip.

Annie O

Love your travelogues! That special song at the graveyard is an amazing story. I’d love to see Ireland someday. My great-great grandparents on my Dad’s side immigrated from County Cork in the the 1800s so I’ve got Irish blood :)

Arrowhead Gramma

What a wonderful moment and memory to treasure of your visit to this beautiful cemetery. Love unexpected moments like this when traveling. Safe travels home.


Thank you so much for sharing your photos and stories of your trip! It looks like a beautiful country.

Barbara Anne

How very interesting! I appreciate the time you've taken to write a about your delightful trip !

Have a wonderful time as you bid Ireland good-bye. Big hugs to Ahren, too!


Mary Kastner

THank you for sharing this part of your trip. How moving for you. Sounds like you had a terrific time and enjoyed your trip a lot. Safe trip home!



Thanks for sharing your story with us!

Debbie R.

I've really enjoyed hearing about your travels. Thanks for sharing!

Betty Meyer

Thank you for taking time and effort to share this trip with us. So interesting.


After your story in the cemetery you will understand why my Irish grandparents would rather I never marry than marry an Englishman! It sounds funny but they meant every word of it! They accepted the wonderful German man I married!


What an incredible story and how wonderful you got to hear his beautiful voice! A treasured memory for sure.

Stephanie L. Davison

Thank you so much for sharing your travels with us. I will never be able to go to Ireland, but this has been an awesome alternative!

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