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September 17, 2018


Barbara Anne

Bliss!!!!!!!!!! Hope you're having a most wonderful time, taking lots of pictures, and eating gooooood food!

Will you return to England before coming home?

Have you bought any fabric yet?


Sherry V.

That was the way they were in Italy when my mother and I travelled there. I was butchering the language and they answered me in perfect English. Then I would say, how am I ever going to learn how to speak anything if you speak English.

Then they proceeded to go full speed Italian . . . and I would throw up my hands and say, ok, let's go back to English.

We all got a good laugh and then went on with our days.

Enjoy your time abroad.


I'm so happy you enjoyed Paris! Sorry about your feet hurting ;) Bienvenue en France!!


Ooooh lah lah! What a great trip you're having! Thank you for taking time to photograph the sights for us!

Mary Kastner

It looks wonderful. GLad you are enjoying Paris and not having any trouble getting around either. Enjoy!



Enjoy your time!


amazing! wish i was there!

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