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September 07, 2018



I’m looking forward to all your travel posts! Have a great time!!!


Have a fabulous trip!!!

Sherry V.

Safe travels & have a wonderful time.

Nancy Watkins

Safe travels and enjoy your trip!

T Holzer

Have a fabulous time overseas, Nicole! Take care.

Barbara Anne

I'm also eagerly anticipating your posts from hither, thither, and yon! How exciting! I trust you'll include a fabric shop or two?!



Have a gret trip and I'm looking forward to your posts!

Debbie R.

Have a wonderful trip!

Michele Klein

Have a wonderful trip. I can’t wait to see pictures of your travels. Safe travels!


Have a safe trip!! I can't wait for your travel-log!


Have a safe trip. Looking forward to seeing your pictures.

Kathleen Gentile

Be safe and have a wonderful time! Will be watching for photos..

Joan S

Enjoy your trip, Nicole! Can't wait to read your posts!

Roseanna Jakubowski

Have a fabulous trip. Looking forward to the adventures you share!

Patty Fowl

Have a wonderful trip Nicole! Looking forward to seeing your travel posts. Enjoy the cooler weather and be safe!


Traveling light for a long trip is difficult! My mom I think was ready to throw away all of the few outfits she took on a three week trip, by the end! Sadly Blogger does not have a usable platform for posting from phone or tablet. Bloglovin allegedly does but I have not tried it. Have a fabulous trip!

choc chip sally

Oh, I will be looking forward to your posts over the next couple of weeks! Have fun and travel safely. (And give your son an extra hug from his cyber-aunties who have been following along for many years...)


Have a wonderful trip & enjoy the time with Ahren! Thanks for taking time to post along the way! Bon voyage!

pam hansen

Have the best trip! Will be watching for your posts.


Have a wonderful time! I am looking forward to your international posts!


coincidentally, my neighbors are coming home from Ireland tomorrow... I definitely will look forward to your posts. Have a wonderful time!!


You will have. A fabulous time am about to book to go to the UK and Belgium just before Xmas to check out Xmas markets . Can’t wait. Enjoy

Leota Krantz

Enjoy the trip.

Arrowhead Gramma

Three of my favorite cities to visit. Know your posts will bring back wonderful travel memories. Enjoy and have fun!

Clair M Becker

safe travels,love all those cities. Have some irish coffee for me.

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