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September 12, 2018



How fun! My first trip to Rome I asked our guide to take us to the Mouth of Truth carving from the Audrey Hepburn movie "Roman Holiday". Our guide rolled her eyes and said, "you know that's really just an old sewer cover". We went anyway, it was a fun stop and we weren't the only tourists seeing it. You're on vacation, some fun is in order. I am amazed how the landscape has not changed since "The Quiet Man" was filmed, it's like stepping back in time, absolutely beautiful.


So great! I didn't see the bridge when I was in Ireland but it's on my list for next time (although I don't know when this will be). But it looks like it's a bit cold in Ireland right now? Here in Germany wwe have 28° (83 Fahrenheit) today and it's sunny.

T Holzer


Barbara Anne

Oh, that is one of my favorite old movies and am delighted the site is still so beautiful.

Enjoy it all!



You ARE tourists! So doing 'touristy' things is ok! The countryside looks beautiful!

Shirley Hobbs

Love that movie! Some day I will make it to Ireland.........

Mary Kastner

Looks like you are really enjoying your trip! Safe travels!




Patty Fowl

My sister and brother in law were at the exact spots yesterday as they are on a Tauck tour of Ireland. They spent last night at the Ashford Castle, where John Wayne stayed when making the movie. Small world! Enjoy every minute!

Kathleen Gentile

Glad you didn't listen to your son! I'd have had to do the "touristy" thing that movie.


I say, do all the touristy stuff! And then all the local stuff! You only get 1 chance sometimes.

Karen Tunnicliffe

We attended a wedding at Ashford Castle a few years ago and stayed at the lodge next door. I loved Cong, the people were delightful and the brown bread and butter in Ireland is the best I’ve ever had. Keep having fun.

Arrowhead Gramma

Love the area of Ireland you are now enjoying. We had the pleasure of staying in one of the Ashford Castle turrets on one of our trips. We also spent time in Galway and the surrounding area. Everything is so beautiful and green. Looking forward to more photos of your travels.

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