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September 10, 2018



Glad you had a safe flight loved Ireland when I was there 5 years ago

Barbara Anne

Oh, for the days when flying was a happy adventure! Am glad you and your honey made it there despite the cramped quarters! It amazes me you two could s shop - even for food - after such a log journey.

Enjoy every beautiful minute!



Glad you had a safe flight, even if it was crowded. All those vegetables look amazingly beautiful. Glad you had a good dinner too, and hope that the rest of your visit and the flight back goes well.

Mary Kastner

Wonderful all the way around! Enjoy every day Nicole!



I agree about flying 'economy' these days! And, do you remember when people actually dressed up to fly??? I 'get' wearing jeans, but flannel pants/pj's & worse? Enjoy every minute with your son!

Kathleen Gentile

I've been "afraid" to fly anywhere for years because of all the complaints and issues you hear about on the news, etc. I'm not sure I'd even know HOW to go through the airport process...I'd need a guide! I know your time with your son in beautiful Ireland will be worth it all. Looking forward to more pictures and adventure tales!

T Holzer

Two thumbs up, Nicole! Have a great three weeks.


I'm so happy you made it safe and sound, and how smart to keep moving and active upon arrival, the first day is tough but I bet you were on local time the next morning. Ireland is on my travel bucket list, I can hardly wait to read all about your adventures. Oh to be able to walk to a market and buy farm fresh ingredients for dinner, that in itself is a treat.

Michele Klein

Glad you arrived safely. The produce looked yummy! Can’t wait to see more pictures of your trip. Enjoy your time with your son.


Wow! How fun! Glad you got there safely! I always feel bad for my husband when we travel cause he's 6'4 and always cramped. I'm shrimpy so have lots of leg room though. Keep posting all the great pics!

Sara Reed

Mom, I thought you were 5'6"....

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