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October 03, 2018



Sounds delicious. A pretty picture as well of colorful veggies.

Barbara Anne

'Tis the season for an abundance of eggplant! I'm glad your new recipe was delicious.



Your house sitter is amazing! We really say 'aubergine' for eggplants but we call zucchini 'zucchinis'.

Mary Kastner

Well that is one vegetable I always avoid because I don't know what to do with it and now you have made it sound good and easy. I am a bit more tempted to try Nicole. have a great day!


pam hansen

Recently I too learned of eggplants other name while watching a cooking program. It fits this beautiful vegetable so well.


You have a treasure in that young lady in so many ways! Ozzie's care would be first, of course, but those vegetables are a very nice bonus! Where we live, an abundance of any sort of vegetables is noted as 'like zucchini'!

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