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October 09, 2018


Barbara Anne

Love the yarn you chose and that yarn holder! Alas, my fingers will do many creative things, but knitting and crochet are not included. My hands just don't play together that way.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you create!


Mary Kastner

OMG You are one brave woman! I am so impressed. MY knitting skills are so basic there is no way . this looks like it will be so fabulous! Carry on- I can't wait !



Looking good, always nice to try new crafts. I have knitting in the cupboard at the nursing home where my mum is as often she is sleeping I just sit and do a few rows.


Oh great; I love all your quilting ideas, and now you are knitting!! I love to knit and am in the same boat you are as far as the kind of projects I can knit. But if you get going on knitting, I know I will be inspired and end up spending more money on yard. It's a never-ending situation. lol


I'm like you - I occasionally get the urge to knit something. I get inspired by the gorgeous projects at our local shop and being made by my friends. But I've realized that I don't want to give up my quilting time to do something I love less! So, I stick to knitting mindless dishcloths and simple scarves when going on a road trip. But I'm looking forward to seeing your finished scarf!

Debbie R.

Like you, I have only very basic knitting skills. I did take a class, enjoyed it, and learned a bit. And then I bought wool for a project. And I made myself a promise that for this new craft, I would only buy yarn and notions for one project at a time, and that I wouldn't buy anything until I completed the first project. One "stash" is enough! Long story short, the first project is still not completed -- and I kept my promise and have not bought any more wool, however tempting it may be. Fabric -- well, that's a different story!
Have fun with your knitting, and good luck with it!


There's always room for a new interest & I know you'll be great with knitting! Many of our fiber arts group started as knitters & are now learning to work with fabric!


I too get the occasional urge to knit something. Having done several intricate scarves and socks in the past though I now grab a ball of cotton yarn and knit a dishcloth or 3. By the time they're finished I'm ready to move back to quilting...urge satisfied. Your yarn is beautiful, it'll be fun to see this project progress.


You've made a fantastic start. Keep doing what you are doing. Stretch yourself beyond what you can imagine. LYS are great for classes and YouTube has almost anything you need to know about knitting. Be sure to google words and stitches you don't understand. Good luck.

Linda Smith

Good for you! I used to knit a lot and really enjoyed it. I even went for projects like a fisherman knit sweater. Now I only knit occasionally and do mostly little knit hats for a charity project at our church. it's really satisfying to knit up a few of those little hats. Best wishes on your project.


Okay, I confess: I hate knitting and I totally blame elementary school for it. We were forced to knit something when we were in third grad (about 8-9 years old) and let's say my mum was really good at knitting, lucky me;-) I was just glad when it was over and we made other things. But I'm sure you will rock it!

Bonnie Anderson

I am fighting my way through my second pair of socks. Time to find a better pattern for the heels! Actually cables were a piece of cake compared to my attempts at the socks. I agree with you about finding a class: my closest yarn shop has very expensive yarn and seem a bit elitist. I need to work on my basics and be happy that I'm still at an advanced beginner stage. Cheers!

Susan Wong

I just purchased the same yarn for the same Triangular Shawl on a weekend visit to Solvang, CA. I actually purchased 2 balls- one is for my daughter and one is for my son's girlfriend. They were both with me and saw the sample shawl in the shop. They marveled about how soft and cozy it was! I find knitting just as addicting as quilting and it is so portable.... I am never without my kindle and my knitting :)
Happy Knitting!


I LOVE youtube! It has saved me many a time and has also helped me with ideas. Yay! ;p


I wish we had a little knit shop close to us but they're a dying breed. Looking forward to watching your progress!

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