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October 17, 2018



love the lighted leag garland! Going to look for one myself! I have always loved a bit of holiday decorating since my kids were little. Xoxo

Barbara Anne

Ah, the joys of a busy life, a charming granddaughter, baking, knitting, and decorating! I'd put a leaf garland on the mantle, too. Where idd your DH find them?

Well done on your knitting!


Mary Kastner

THe garland is festive. I like it. Interesting about your husband's new job. Guess it was an offer he couldn't refuse! I hope it all works out for you two. THe weather has been beautiful but I am so looking forward to some rain. Have a wonderful day.


Barbara Anne

Oh, and congratulations to your DH for the job offer as it shows his worth to his employers!

More hugs!

Loris Mills

Thanks for the book review, Nicole. I'm reading Elizabeth Berg's Night of Miracles right now and am really enjoying it. Last month I read Anne Tyler's Clock Dance. It might be my new favorite of hers. She is still my favorite contemporary author.

T Holzer

Well, I don't like your words on the Clockmakers Daughter as I am picking my copy up today or tomorrow from the post office!! I'll let you know how I like the first part of the book.And this post says a lot to me about your husband's work ethic. Thats so awesome!! We had 5 moose behind our house this morning, even a set of twins and our dog was loosing his mind. What does he think he can do to a moose?? LOL. Have a good day, Nicole.


It's looking very festive at your house! 🎃 Candy corn has so many uses, don't you agree? Enjoy your week & congrats on you husband's retirement job.

Kathi Kittle

I just finished The Clockmaker's Daughter and enjoyed it, although I did find it confusing at times. I had to go back and read the first few chapters after a while, so things would clear up a bit. Always enjoy your book reviews! Thanks.


Love your leaf garland it looks pretty good.
And how genius are your and Eva's unicorn pumpkins!?! I love them.
So sad that you don't enjoy the book I hope for you it's getting better (it looks like you still have a few pages to read).
Good luck to your hubby with this new job nd enjoy all the sewing time alone in the house.

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