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October 29, 2018



Oh what fun! You had me laughing this morning as I read your post. Your sister's pink flamingo costume was really amazing - so original. Looks like everyone was in the spirit of Halloween!


What a great post for a Monday morning, your after party write-ups are a Halloween favorite at my house, so happy the tradition continues. I think you were robbed, your group theme was amazing, but it's hard to beat cute kids in any costume.

Mary Kastner

That is fantastic! So much fun all the way around. Thank you for sharing Nicole!


Lisa D.

You always have the most amazing Halloween parties! Every year, I so look forward to the recap to see all the amazing costumes!

Barbara Anne

It's always a delight to see what amazing costumes your family members come up with each year! Applause!! Oh, and to meet the new family member as well as seeing your Dad.

I finished the Halloween tree and DS2 and wife love it!



Your whole family is so clever, but I think your little family group should have won! Sounds like you all had a great time though, even Dad!


That looks like a really fun Halloween party at your dad's! 🎃 I'll bet he loves having everyone gather in his home each year! Your family is so creative with their costumes!


What a fun Halloween party and I love your costume!


I love hearing about your family Halloween party every year! I'm a big fan of Halloween, but my husband isn't. You can guess what our Halloween celebrations are like. . Thanks for sharing yours!


Lol your descriptions are so funny!! Seriously who are these judges! I couldn't tell the difference between skeletons 😂

Jennifer in Indy

One of my favorite posts each year!

Marylou Hansen

You are fortunate to have your family close by. What a wonderful example for the kids and grandkids to carry on.


damn! what fun! ;p

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