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October 18, 2018



This is turning out beautiful! Using the flying geese and setting it the way you have was sheer brilliance!


I love real geese, but me and the flying geese blocks don't get along at all. I would be going nuts, but that is a beautiful quilt!

Barbara Anne

Your red/white Christmas quilt is lovely! Well done on getting all of those small blocks and geese done.

Eva will love the Santa quilt!


Mary Kastner

Wow those flying geese are impressive! THat is a really nice quilt Nicole. I am making a "swell" fabric Christmas quilt. All my rows are finished and I am putting them together. it is fun fabric I think. I do love the one you have to do!


T Holzer

So pretty, Nicole! Have you ever watched the YouTube video for making flying gees with the angler 2? I've watched it twice, but I haven't tried it yet because I haven't made flying geese since watching it. It seems like it would be a timesaver.


You have perfected the art of making flying geese! Your quilt will be beautiful for use at Christmas! I read about Thelma's Swell Christmas quilt when she posted & I agree her tips are worth following! I'm off to quilt retreat for the weekend! Happy sewing...and cooking & baking & reading...

Stephani in N. TX

Your quilt is shaping up beautifully. Probably the most of my seasonal quilts are Christmas quilts, so I no longer feel the need to do 1-2-3 as the holiday approaches. My LQS now carries Lock Blox. What would you advise buying size-wise, what have you used the most? I have done a quilt with flying geese stacked around the edge. In fact I made two I liked it so well, but was not fond of making the geese. Am willing to buy the Lock Blox to help but when I looked at them and I want to be selective about which ones I buy.Would appreciate your input.


Love your red & white Chirstmas quilt it's stunning:-)
Also love the Swell Santa quilt it's so cute and I'm sure Eva will love it!

Barbara Anne

Was just thinking that a red/white small plai fabric might look gread as the binding. Hummmm ...?!


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