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October 02, 2018


Mary Kastner

GLad you are home safe and sound. The time issue will resolve soon I hope. Love this quilt. I am looking forward to seeing your interpretation. The fabrics look perfect to me.


Robby H.

Those fabrics should be great together. Looking forward to seeing how you put them together.

T Holzer

Good to know that you guys are safe and sound and at home. I saw this project too, but I'm not making a Halloween quilt until I have a Christmas quilt! Pathetic, heh?? Have a great day.


That is a great Autumn pattern! And did you notice the cute border?? I’m glad you had a fun trip and that you made it home okay, hopefully without too much jet lag. Welcome home!


Ugh! That jet lag with a 4 AM wake-up sounds miserable! Ozzie was probably thrilled to have you home! I do like that border mentioned above A LOT. Good work on tracking down the pattern source.

Stephani in N. TX

Welcome home, safe and sound. Love the pumpkin quilt. I made one this year, my first. I have lots of other holiday quilts but finally found a way to have a quilt with orange that I actually liked. Enjoyed your last few posts about Ireland as well. My sister spent a month in Ireland this Summer and we found all sorts of info on our relatives who forged their way here. I like your story about women carrying flowers home. We live not by bread alone.

Barbara Anne

A slightly belated Welcome home! I know Ozzie is equally glad you're both home where you belong.

Love the quilt and am amazed you already had the book the pattern is in. You're amazing! Love the fabrics you've chosen, too.

I'm comomg up on piecing the last section of a Halloween Tree that's 41" long. Paper-piecing takes a lot of thought for me.


Debbie R.

Welcome home. Glad to hear that you had a great trip ... And that you are already on to your next quilt! Great pattern and fabrics.

Clair M Becker

thank you for sharing your trip with us. I have been to England and Ireland several times and have loved every minute. It's fun to find places other people go to. I love cemeteries too. You are so right about being in your own bed with own pillow and shower. Happy Fall to you. Clair

choc chip sally

Glad to have you back "stateside" and also delighted that you had such a fun trip. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us.

Was it you who once said that you like to include a bit of purple in all your autumn quilts? This pattern looks lovely, and I'm sure you can sneak in a bit of purple somewhere.

Michele Klein

Welcome home! These two collections look great together. Can’t wait to see to your new quilt. Glad you are home...I missed you!


Glad you home safe and yes they fabrics and patterns are great! I also have some Boo Crew FQs and a few Reel scraps from a scrap bag in my stash. So if you need some more you know who to ask I'm happy to help:-)


welcome home! I enjoyed your posts. ;p

pam hansen

I purchased the book a few weeks ago and also thought this particular quilt was super cute. While seasonal it works from mid September into November. So perfect that you don't need to purchase fabric. Looking forward to your version.


Welcome Home! That jet lag is real, and hits you hard upon your return, maybe a combination of time difference and being on the go while on vacation? Sleep when you feel tired, don't fight it. That's the beauty of being retired, it makes little difference if it takes you a week to get back on California time. How did Ozzie get along with the dog sitter? I loved all your travel stories, thank you for sharing.


Welcome back, I'd love to hear more about your trip. This quilt looks interesting and no rush, you can finish it for Halloween 2019, lol!


Covering my eyes.....cant start another project, but oh I do love that pumpkin maze.


So I went to Amazon to order the Kindle version of this book...and after I started looking through the book...yeah, turns out I already had it in my ‘book stash’! Ooh boy... Can’t wait to see your quilt - I’m sure it will be lovely!


Love how your two collections blend so well even though they're from different designers. Better yet, it's stash fabric! Welcome back and can't wait to see what you get done once you start feeling better.

Toni Roth

Does anyone know the name of the jelly roll used by Susan Ache? And- if I am lucky, does anyone know where I can order it from? Just bought the book but it won't be here for 2 weeks. I can't wait that long!! Thank you!

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