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October 04, 2018


Mary Kastner

Your home looks wonderful Nicole. Very festive! Love the slippers.


Barbara Anne

Delightful decorations and quilts, Nicole!

My Halloween thhings are few, besides two wall quilts and a fabric jack 0lantern my mothher made and they go up mid-month.



I'll bet Eva loves helping you arrange your festive decorations! The lantern is a great addition & I love those Pottery Barn pumpkins! What little girl wouldn't love to have those unicorn slippers?!


Unicorns are so in am sure Eva loves them


Love your decorations! I have the same little wooden ghosts. :) Fall is my favorite season and I probably decorate just as much for this season as I do Christmas. I made a few new Halloween quilts this year to use. Most of mine are just fall so I can use through Thanksgiving. Will be fun to put out some new quilts.


Love your decorations and was thinking we must like the same stuff 😂. I've got some wooden ghost decorations I can't seem to let go of that were so popular years ago but I still love them and bring them out. Love the unicorn slippers too! Unicorns are mermaids are so hot right now 😂

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