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November 08, 2018



That Thelma always makes a winner, doesn't she. Your lavender quilt is also beautiful, and I love your words 'bleached by the sun on the clothesline.' So true! Always inspiring to see what you are sewing.

Barbara Anne

Love Sara's beautiful lavender quilt and applaud your idea to make something easier next. Those fabrics you've chosen will certaainly do the job!


Mary Kastner

That is a great pattern which I don't have and I don't own the book either. I am on a search for this one. Looks like a great project! Can't wait to see it!


Think this is going to be a good fall quilt project and looking forward to seeing this one go together ….I do like that pattern and will have to scout around for the book...thanks for the info.

Sherry V.

Following your recommendation I got "Silent Companions" from my library. I haven't gotten that far into it but it is creepy and I am enjoying it.

I also got "The Thirteenth Tale" from the library on CD and look forward to getting some "reading" in while I am sewing.

Lovely quilts. . . and the colors for the new one look great.


You can never be wrong with Carrie'spattern they are amazing and never get old!
Do you know that Carrie is putting the sew sampler box for this month together? I didn't get the box for a few month becuase I didn't care what they put in there but I've signed up immediately after reading that Carrie is the designer. Can only be good!
I'v ejust finished the newest book for Nalini Singh 'Archangel's Prophecy' and it's not my favorite book of the series. Nalini is the only paranormal/romance author I read and she's one of my favorite authors but this book ... not so much. I'm looking forward to the new Joanne K. Rowling book next week and the new Janet Evanovich.


Your American Pie is going to be a beauty, and what a perfect time of year to work with those Jo Morton colors. I should make a whole American Pie quit, but it does make a good border! I just finished The Library Book by Susan Orlean, if you like libraries you'll you enjoy it. I found it fascinating and a nice change of pace from my usual reads,


I just love the soft, crinkly American Pie quilt's colors on the bed. It's going to have a completely different vibe in the 'new' color palette & good for you doing a re-make on Miss Rosie's pattern!

Rhonda Snider

This is going to be a stunning quilt in the Jo Morton fabric. Can't wait to see more,


Love your fabric pull! Your original quilt is beautiful too! I'm not sure which version I would do.

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