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November 19, 2018


Barbara Anne

Wow! With your lovely new Christmas tree up, I thought for a minute I'd missed a week or so! Pssst ... I'd have gone for colored lights, too, but the tree is beautiful with the white lights.

Love your Christmas table runners and hope they have a safe a quick journey to and from NC.

Love your Old English Roses china, too. Have fun at the tea party and please do take pictures.

I finished the top of the Jacob's Ladder quilt yesterday and hope to quilt it myself since it's just 30" square.



Enjoy all of the festivities this week is bringing for you! Do show us a few tea party photos!


Your tea sounds wonderful! Such fun. We too put our tree up last night. It's also new this year, but is a skinny tree. Very in what were we thinking skinny? White lights are on, decorations will get on there eventually, but not very many because there's not much room. So skinny....sigh.

Debbie R.

Your two runners look great!
Have a wonderful week! Prep, decorating, cooking, doing tea ... and lots and lots of people. Enjoy!

Mary Kastner

Have a wonderful teat party and a very Happy Thanksgiving !


Mary Kastner

OMG! Sorry about my spelling error!!! And I can't fix it now either! OMG !!!


carol fun

Both of the table runners are beautiful...crisp, clean and modern. I'm with you on lights... I like the colored ones best. As for a white pumpkin... check out the markdowns at Micheals/HobbyLobby/Joanns for one of those foam pumpkins... you can cut the top off and put a vase down inside. They might still have a couple. Your tea party sounds wonderful... enjoy this week of special friends and family!


Love your tree and your table runners! Can't wait to see them quilted!
Have a fun tea party I'm sure it'll be amazing:-)


Love the idea of a tea party! How fun! I also love your table runners.
I have to say, Mary gave me the best laugh!

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