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November 05, 2018


Julie Shirley

Like you, I'd consider which patterns I'd actually make. What I would not use would be donated to our guild for doorprizes (I'm doorprize chair) since I'm always looking for door prize items!

Jenny M

I would pick a couple that inspire me and share the rest with my quilting buddies at our next quilting gathering. Thanks for the chance at your giveaway!

Linda Enneking

I think it would be fun to see what patterns you have selected and then match them up to the fabric in my stash. Most of my fabric was purchased with a particular project in mind, but some I bought just because I like it, and it's waiting for just the right pattern to come along. Maybe you have just what I need.

Bobbie J Hunley

Have you ever purchased fabric for a quilt and then before you made it, LOOK!, they just came out with a new collection and that would look so much better? Well, I'm sure I could use that lonely fabric in the patterns and turn it in to a creation instead of it decorating my shelves. Looking at this as a challenge to make it happen.

lorraine bujnowski

I think I would select a few for myself and then pass the remaining ones onto my guild.
Thank you for this opportunity.


I would enjoy perusing through the collection, selecting the ones I would be most likely to make, then I would offer the same opportunity to 6 women who I quilt with every Tuesday evening. The remaining patterns would be placed on my guild's sharing table--a must look at every meeting for treasures.


I’m so happy you’re back in your sewing room. I hope you find peace and joy there.
I know exactly what I would do with your patterns - I would give them to the women in my quilt group. We meet every Monday afternoon to sew charity quilts. We are a small group but have gotten very close - I notice that every time we get together, we spend the first 30 minutes (or longer) just chatting. Sharing about our kids, grandkids, gardens, church. These are wonderful women and I am so privileged to be with them.
I always love reading your blog and watching your sewing progress and sharing in your struggles.
Thanks for the giveaway - best wishes to you.


My plan is to keep a few and then place a couple sporadically in the quilt guild monthly raffle basket, "What was I Thinking?"

gloria g Walls

In getting what you get, you don't know right now, what you will get.....I won't throw a fit........I may use some, and of course share some. Isn't that what we do......share.....always.....thanks for the chance to share.......gloria g. Walls Wellborn, FL


Pick a couple for me and share the rest with friends. Thanks for a chance to win.


I would love to win some of your patterns. I always like the quilt you make. Some of patterns I would keep, share some with my Bee & give some to Quilt Guild to use as door prizes. Thanks for sharing!

Joan B.

I would share them of course! I spend almost every Friday quilting with a wonderful small group of ladies. I have to admit, sometimes it seems we do more socializing then sewing! But we always have fun. Over time we have become the best of friends. I would gladly share with them! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

Susan McC

I would pick some out for myself and pass the rest along to my quilting friends - thanks for the opportunity 😊

T Holzer

Well we have very similar tastes, so I'd imagine that I'd find a few that I'd want to make!! And the rest would go to our guild. I've been patiently waiting for you to post on a new project....hint, hint!!! I am also looking for a new project to start, but I should be starting on a log cabin quilt for my son that he has asked for. Have a great week, Nicole.

Joan S

I would keep a few and share the rest with my quilting friends. I'm always on the lookout for new patterns. Thanks, Nicole!!


I would probably keep a couple, and then go through my collection and cull the ones I won’t use and find an organization that is teaching others to Quilt to pass them all on to.


Pick a few for me and then take them to my BEE to share. I love sunshine and long days so looking forward to spring and summer already. lol


There are some really pretty patterns in the mix. I will make what strikes me andother wise I will find a new quilter who could use a start.


I'd be thrilled to win anything from you. lol. What would I do with the patterns? Well, I'm heading into retirement; and one of the things I want to do is sew charity quilts - nursing home lap quilts, Quilts of Valor, baby quilts for the WIC program. My grandson was stillborn, and we attended his memorial service over the weekend. Now I want to look into making small quilts for the hospital for these special parents.

Joyce Carter

I would definitely be using the ones that appealed to me and sharing the rest with friends.I have been looking for some patterns for a few bundles that I have. Thanks for the chance.

Patti Stone

I’d make a cup of tea and enjoy browsing through all the patterns. I’d probably keep a few and pass the rest onto a local charity that has a quilt sale each spring to raise money for disaster relief. They have a Quilters Shop where patterns, books and fabrics are sold to raise more funds.

Pamela Thorne

Thank you for the opportunity to win patterns! I am always on the lookout for a good pattern to make quilts we give through the quilting ministry at church. I would share them with the ladies so that we all could make quilts for this purpose.


I would make a quilt and pass the other patterns on to my friends in my guild


I would pick out what I wanted and share the rest with my quilty friends. This is so generous of you. Thank you.


I would be thrilled to have a bundle of patterns to look through. I love most of the quilts that you make, so I'm sure to find some patterns that I will keep for myself. The rest will be shared with my quilting friends and with a seniors group who make a quilt for fund raising every year.

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