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November 05, 2018



I would share them with my group of beginning quilters. They haven’t had time to develop a stash!

Becky Turner

Oh boy! Its a grab bag!!!
I think i will take one down and pass the rest around my Monday Morning Quilters that meet at the Senior Center and Have No Name...MMQ for short.


It would be fun to look thru patterns that you have in your coffers.
I would see if there were a few that I could not live without and the rest would go to my guild's raffle treasure.
Thanks for the opportunity.

Linda Mae

I would love to have a bundle of "new inspiration." I would keep a few I thought I would actually and pass the rest along to my guild.

Molly Hinchcliffe

I have been making baby quilts for the hospital. My granddaughter was in NICU for 88 days and they had baby quilts under them. When all parents see it a tiny baby with lots of tubes and wires, a bright cheerful quilt is hopeful. Then Lily had 2 separate open heart surgeries and that hospital had quilts under the kids also. That's what I would do with the patterns.


I would love to win a package and share them! I know I have a few of my own that I could pass along! Hope you are sewing today!

Joanne Miller

I have to wait to see my surprises! Then the decision process begins of which to make and which to allow granddaughters to pick out and make.

Linda Smith

I would probably keep a few for myself and then share the rest with my quilt friends at church. Spread the wealth, as it were! I'm thinking that with the great quilts you post online there are bound to be some wonderful patterns.
Thanks for the opportunity.


It’s always fun to dig through someone else’s giveaways— whether it be patterns, fabric or notions! My quilt group of mostly beginner quilters would be thrilled to receive such wonderful patterns- you have such great taste, I know they are all winners! Thanks for the opportunity.


What a generous offer! I have so many patterns & books I'll pass on the drawing because I should probably offer a stack of mine to others! Eva is so funny--where did she learn that phrase?? Nice that she 'gets' it & can apply where it's appropriate! Ozzie's wake up stare down would make me laugh! Have a good week!


A pattern house cleaning!! Looks like something I should do. If I should win one of your bundles, I would pick out the ones I would like to make, then let my quilting buddies have a look at them. And then the rest would go to my guild to use for door prizes or for freebies for members - what ever they would like to do. (and I really should clean out my own patterns and share them with the guild)

Maureen sala

I would pick a few and then share with my sister who donates her quilts.

Thanks for the opportunity

Clara Chandler

Thanks for your generosity!!

I'll select one or two patterns and pass the others to my guild's prize committee. Once a month, our guild has a business meeting. Wear your name tag and you are entered in a drawing to win a prize.


I would choose a few patterns, then share with my quilting friends, then give the rest to the quilt guild.

Rebecca Ball

Oh, I know where you are coming from. I, also, buy patterns that strike me and then don't make them soon so I donate them to the guild. I would go through your patterns, keeping the ones I want, showing the 4H kids appropriate patterns and let them pick, then donate the rest to my guild.

Marty Lawler

I'm retired, I quilt, I love to brouse new patterns. Yes! I love what you make! I would, of course, share! Thank you


I'd probably pick a couple that my stash called to, add the rest to MY 500 patterns, and then pass the extras along the next time I cull the herd.

Jane N

Nicole, If I won any quilt patterns, I would select the pattern/s I have fabrics that would look great as a quilt with and then share the pattern/s I already have or figure I never would have time to make with members of my guild and also small group of quilters I meet with. Thank you for sharing and also writing a blog. I love reading what your up to. Jane N

Cathy C

I would keep some. Then add some of mine to the leftovers and donate them to my quilt guild. Your inspiration could flow through me and on to others in my guild. We could start a wave.

Barbara Anne

Ah, Thanks for the chance to win an envelope full of new-to-me patterns! My sweetly beribboned bundles of fabrics might just find patterns to go with them! Oh course, most would be shared with friends because that;s just what quilters do.

Am happy you're back in your sewing sewing room! As for Ozzie at 5am, well, don't you wish dogs and cats could tell time!



Since I adore most everything you make, I am sure I’d find several patterns to keep for myself. The others I would share with two friends who thought they would never quilt again after surgery and a life event where they became depressed...and gave away most of their quilting supplies! Now they have decided they want/need to quilt, and after more encouragement, are finding they still enjoy their old hobby. I’ve shared fabric and notions and, yes, patterns and magazines to get them started again. The most important thing to share has been my time with them. I have enjoyed their re-entry into the quilting world and my time has been well worth it, both for me and them! Thanks for the giveaway, Nicole.

Ann Duncan

I would make some and share the rest with my sister and my quilting group. Thanks for the giveaway.


I would take them to my weekly quilt group and share them with my quilting sisters. Sharing is caring!!

Anita L Jackson

Thank you for sharing with all of us! Of course there must be at least one pattern in there that I must make and then there are the Quilting Bees! We gather every Tuesday to work on quilts for local fire victims, children's hospitals, QOV and nursing homes. What a fun way to share the spirit is giving!


So sweet of you to share your excess patterns.
For me I have lots of fabric with no patterns so this would be a windfall.
I'll gladly share this bonanza with others in my similar predicament.
Thanks for your generosity!

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