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November 05, 2018


Loretta Bales

I teach quilting classes at my church, free of charge. We donate quilts to the Graduates of a “halfway women’s program” for those entering back into society after incarceration. I’m certain we could use these as our up coming projects.

Nancy A.

I need to do the same thing with my patterns. Sounds like a good project for today. Then if I win some of your patterns, I'd keep what I think I'll make and pass the rest along to other quilters. There's a senior center near me that has a quilting group. Seems like that would be a good place to start sharing them.

Mary Lines

I always need ideas. New patterns would be great.


I think we all could go thru our patterns and realize there are some patterns that we will never make. Yet I continue to purchase new patterns. I do hope that I will still be able to quilt at age 120 since I will need to live that long to use everything. That said, sure I'd like new patterns and I would pass on whatever I didn't "need!"

Eleanor Kay Hunzinger

I would go thru them and pass most out to my quilting friends! Kay H

Pamela Boatright

I'm on the prize patrol for my quilt guild, so they would be enjoyed by the blue ribbon winners of our 2019 show!

Terry Harney

I would do what most of those answering this would do--keep some and give to members of my quilt group. We make some charity quilts and are always looking for patterns, especially for new quilters as we have several new members who who have never quilted before. Have a great day and thanks for the opportunity.

Jody Randall

Lots of nice patterns you have! Our taste runs similar. I'd pick out some for me. The rest I'd share with a couple quilting buddies since I don't belong to a guild.


I would love any of your cast offs! I enjoy star quilts so would love to make the ones pictured! You are always so generous!


I would use them for guild. They would be great prizes for the games at our Christmas party!

Laura Valdez

I usually share patterns with quilters who don't have the funds to purchase patterns all the time. I usually give away patterns once I've used it. Some patterns are so expensive. Thank you for sharing.

barbara woods

keep the ones I want to make and hand the re4st out at my quilt group Q-Bees


I always get such a thrill to get new to me patterns. The ones I won't use would be passed on to my quilting buddies. We like to share :-) Thanks!


I will probably squeal and then pore over them imagining what fabrics I have that would work with each pattern. LOL!

Sherri Crum

Like other ladies that have posted comments, I would choose one or two for myself and pass the others to friends, members of my guild and a few easy ones to the charity group that I belong to. Your giving spirit is appreciated by all of us!

Wendy Myers

I would share with my quilt group,

Pam P

Wow! What a fun idea for a giveaway! I would love a stack of patterns :) I don't belong to a guild but I'd be sure to share with my quilt buddies. No "fits" over here - Lol, your Eva is very clever! Thanks for the chance to win!


I would love to win some and definitely would share with my friends. I always love the quilts you make so am sure I would love the patterns as well! Thanks for sharing!


I would go through them, see which I would make and donate the rest to my friends or my guild. Thank you for being so generous.


First I would fondle them. I may - or may not - keep one or two. I would give the rest to a couple of thrift shops that I frequent as it is really a rare find to find quilting supplies at thrift stores... And then I would probably go back to said thrift stores and purchase them back... if they were not scooped up!!!


Think about what to make...start a few maybe even finish one. Share the rest of the patterns with friends.

Darla C

Free patterns? Yes Please. I would share them between myself, my sister and sister-in-law.


Hehe, I have some of those same patterns! But I would be happy to have more copies, so I can give them to the ladies in my quilt group. We live overseas, and there is no access to printed patterns here, so I know they would love to have them.


All my quilting is for charity so that is what I will make with them. 9000 is a lot.


I love making charity quilts and will use the patterns to make some. Thanks for the opportunity.

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