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November 20, 2018


T Holzer

Everything looks beautiful, Nicole. How can it already be mostly thru November already?? Enjoy your tea party!!

Barbara Anne

Perfectly lovely and those scones look delicious. Have a wonderful time at your tea party this afternoon!





Those scones look delicious! And your centerpiece perfectly compliments your china! Good job! I, too, enjoy a Hallmark Channel movie playing while I sew...all year 'round! Happy tea party!


It looks beautiful!

Mary Kastner

Beautiful setting. Have a wonderful tea. Your flower choice is just perfect!


Brenda Hotinger

What a beautiful table setting! Enjoy your tea party.

Robby H.

You look read to welcome your guests with panache. Here's a handy tip. You can freeze unbaked scones, they usually just take a couple of extra minutes in the oven. Or thaw over night in the fridge and bake as usual. I use this tip when we don't want a whole batch, or if I'm making pastry for an event at church. People are amazed when I pull out fresh baked scones at 6:00am. It works great Christmas morning, if we want a little treat to go with coffee while some gifts get opened, and before the day starts in earnest.


Love your table setting for Thanksgiving! Just lovely.


Perfect scones and centerpiece! I've also been switching between Hallmark and Lifetime and been loving all the cheesy Christmas movies. Loving every minute!

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