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November 26, 2018


Mary Kastner

What a great idea Nicole. I will definitely dig out some supplies. It is such a tragedy. We sent money through the Red Cross but this is more personal to share with a fellow quilter. Thank you for doing all the upfront work to make this happen.


Robby H.

I was thinking about this over the weekend. Thanks for sharing the information to make it happen. I also read another blogger who heard from a gal she has had contact with before and she is willing to receive and distribute donated quilts. I see a lot of handmade love heading to California in the near future.

Barbara Anne

Since I don't knit, crochet, or do much handwork, I'll have to think of what might be stashed where that someone could use.



Pam Bush

Nicole thank you so much for this outreach! It is so important and will be used to heal and make life a bit easier! The guild who lost so much is called Ridge Quilters of Paradise. The Chico Guild who is helping along with Honey Run Quilt shop is cammed Annie’s Star Quilt Guild. It will all be shared with those who lost so much. We are having our holiday guild meeting December 6th and are inviting and bringing Paradise quilters to join us and shop! It will be amazing. If people din’t have stuff to donate they can call honey run Quilters and purchase a gift certificate. We can send receipts as we have it all set up! Again thank you all! Xoxo Pam


I've sent an email to our local fiber arts group asking anyone who has things to donate to bring them to our meeting next Monday. I'll get a package in the mail right away! What a wonderful, generous project for quilters who have lost so much. ❤️

Sharon Tucker

I packed a box up immediately and sent it off to an IG/blogger buddy who lost everything. She was stitching in 2 days and has mentioned several times how stitching has helped calm her amidst all this devastation. Thanks for posting this shout out!

Loris Mills

Thanks for the links and address. I found an organization on the list that is helping the pets from victims of the fire that I sent off to. That and the Red Cross. I think I have the perfect wooly project to send off.

Barbara Anne

I found a few things to send including a n extra (and new!) pair of fabric shears. I appreciate your bring this to our attention and I wish I could do more.



Thanks for telling us about this. I couldn't believe how many items I had that I could send off with prayers that they help someone in need.

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