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November 13, 2018


Mary Kastner

Great table runner! I like the idea of every other one going the opposite direction Nicole. To me it would be balanced!



there ARE right side up trees on the other side - they're snow covered trees - and they are pretty doggone perfect...


Oh, my gosh! I hadn't noticed, but Dianne is so right! There ARE 2 white trees going the 'other' way! What about a red, green or black binding? That might make the white trees pop a bit. Upside down? My sister's mother-in-law used to cut the back branches off & hang her Christmas tree on the wall! (that's just wrong!)

Barbara Anne

I see the trees Diane is seeing!

There is a pattern for a 6"x10.5" tree in the book Favorite Christmas Quilts" by That Patchwork Place.


Karen C

The table runner looks very festive! There are lots of great free Christmas tree quilt patterns that you might like at (And hundreds of other free quilt patterns on the site as well).

Sally K

Good Morning! I liked your table runner. I really like the Sweetwater fabric and I think I even have the pattern bookmarked! For a coffee table I prefer to see a similar design from both sides. Just a few minutes after reading your post I happened upon a tutorial by Free Motion by the River here

Maybe you could remove a row of "branches" and add a tree trunk. Having the trunks within a cream border might work.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Laura Valdez

If the runner had more than three trees, I'd reverse every other one, but only three, no. All the same direction. I love how much you share what you're doing. Thanks for the great blog.

Mary Lines

This is a tree runner that I saved but have not made yet. You might like it too. I don't think it would be too hard to draft.


Love your tree table runner and I love that all collored trees are in the same direction and the white ones in the other.
There's a tree pattern in Thimbleblossoms 'Winterville' I really love.


I vote trim down the widths so you can keep more variety of strips. As to the upside down issue, I fear the same thing!! I am planning to do an ornament runner with the pattern from Bernina Vintage Ornaments. I can't decide if I want them all the same or turned both ways.

elizabeth a hinze

I also want to Christmas trees,
but I too can't find a pattern I like. Drafted my own but it also looks stupid...
I guess back to the drawing room ; (


I always struggle with the upside down thing— but I think people on both sides of the table should have trees to look at. I bought. Pumpkin runner with three pumpkins and one was upside down. (Trying to convince myself.) Its also a problem on bed quilts— I always put the bottom row on upside down but have had people question it! Guess it’s another unsolvable dilemma in life! Xox

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