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November 14, 2018


Tracey Holzer

I need to catch some of your Christmas spirit, Nicole and make something Christmasy! I haven't been able to comment on blogs for the past couple weeks so hopefully this posts!!

Mary Kastner

I love the house block. You are certainly on a roll. I am on a mission to finished tops. So far, so good. I actually am making progress and haven't started anything new. We will see how much longer I can hold out! Have a wonderful day Nicole.


Barbara Anne

"Make Romm for Christmas Quilts" is one of my favorite boooks! I, too, use construction techniques much different from Nancy's methods, but the measurements and ideas are good.

Made your own templates?? You go, girl!



I didn't know that I needed new Christmas runners...thanks for the inspiration! I started placemats yesterday...not quite runners, but they go on a table, so they count!


I'm not sure about the tree block it looks interesting but not what I would use for a tree block.
I hate to sew with templates and normally always find a way to twerk a pattern so it fits my sewing style.


I never tire of the house block...just so lovely and traditional!

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