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November 01, 2018



Don't know what November will bring but I pln to make at least one Christmas item and a few Birthday gifts.

Mary Kastner

I am going to have a busy month. MY son and family are coming for Thanksgiving and will be here for 10 days. Full house for the holiday. It will be so nice! Trying to finish stuff in the quilt room. Tops into quilts - what a novel idea. Nothing new is my mantra till this pile disappears. Your house looks great. I need to gather the Halloween stuff today !


Barbara Anne

Where did October go??Love your decorations and wish I had the energy to clean the house from top to bottom. Oh, well!

I'm making one Christmas gift and have made a good start on it. It will be a 30" square wall quilt made with winter fbarics and it's for a friend. I hope to get the Christmas cards done early and decorate for Christmas on Black Friday. I still have some gifts to buy, too.



Thanks for the reminder that we have another big holiday to celebrate. The morning tv shows are saying that Halloween is over so it's on to Christmas. I'm wanting to ask, 'What about Thanksgiving?' We have dinner for friends on that day then our 47th anniversary on the 26th. That still leaves a month for Christmas, so let's try to slow down & enjoy it all!


What an uplifting post! Thank you. Karen


I almost ran out of candy last year so this year I bought a lot more. I got very few kids. My neighbor's kids all came but still had very few. Needless to say, I ate a lot of Kit Kat bars last night. ;p

I'll have to find someone to take the unused candy. I've worked too hard at the gym this year to let a Kit Kat win. ;p

Rhonda G

Thanks for your blog. I always enjoy it and it very especially sweet today!


Thank you so much for the encouraging words. Happy November and happy quilting (i can’t wait to get back to my quilting, my happy place. I’ve been out of town for awhile, and am now back home, babysitting my littles (love, love, love) and doing spring cleaning. For clarification, that’s spring 2018 cleaning).


Thank you for the encouraging words. In September my husband was diagnosed with Leukemia. We have had a very healthy life together and this does strike fear in my heart. We believe with God's help and the help of our family, friends and medical personnel we will get through this. Happy birthday to your dear Dad.


How wonderful that your Dad has outlived his conditions. May he enjoy every minute of the days ahead! Loved your Halloween costumes!


Wow he has the same birthday as me and my son! Funny it doesn't land near Thanksgiving this year. We had a diagnosis that our dad only had a year left to live just becaus he was old. Four years later he's still around and we feel blessed for every extra holiday and time we have with him.


Wow, I can appreciate having your dad around. My dad turning 94 on the 22nd. We really are blessed. Wishing you a terrific November!

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