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November 06, 2018


Mary Kastner

Quilt top looks great. A lot of work! It will indeed look great for the holidays !



Looking forward to the reveal.

Nancy Watkins

This is a beautiful quilt Nicole! And that Ozzie is still just as cute as ever!


Ooooohhhh! An Ozzie day! Our dog used to walk on, lie down on & appear in photos of quilts being held up for display. It's a dog thing, that's all! 🐶 That's going to be a beautiful quilt--it IS a beautiful quilt! Congrats to your pattern giveaway winners!

Annie O

My cat does exactly that same move on anything I put down. She’s especially good at holding down a cutting mat! Your quilt looks beautiful, what I can see of it ;)

Barbara Anne

What a delightful quilt you've made!!

We've long laughed at the way our cats and dogs have gravitated to what we call "that silly millimeter higher". Currently our cat is sleeping on the kitchen counter under the microwave and on top of a single page ricipe - that silly millimeter! What are they thinking?


T Holzer

Your giveaway was so nice and the flying geese border is just perfect for that quilt, Nicole. My dog is the same way with my piecing and flimsies!!


My cats do the same and they also 'help' me rearrange my blocks;-)
Your quilt is beautiful!

choc chip sally

That is a great looking quilt top and will be beautiful accompaniment to your home. I just want to cuddle that Ozzie face!


This quilt will be beautiful for the holidays! I have a red and cream quilt that has been in progress for a few years...interrupted by shoulder surgery, unfortunately. But back to it now and hoping for a finish soon.


that is one gorgeous quilt!

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