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November 07, 2018



Your finish is beautiful... well worth the effort! The flying geese sashing really puts this quilt over the top. Congrats!


Congratulations on a beautiful finish! I am looking forward to seeing your next project.


Gorgeous. I hope you'll show a picture of it hanging from the balcony.


Most impressive,pure envy.

T Holzer

My question to you is do you have your binding ready, Nicole?!? LOL. Have a great day!

Mary Kastner

THe blocks are just beautiful. great job!



What a beautiful quilt! I love the flying geese borders. Flying geese don't love me, though. I have a hard time with them.


The quilt is gorgeous and the setting is perfect for the blocks! I remember seeing Carrie's Blockhead quilt and loving that setting. I think I might borrow it as well for a future quilt because it really does frame blocks so beautifully!

carolyn the setting that you borrowed, love that you persevered through the doldrums of making so many flying geese and love the finished top. This is defintely an heirloom quilt!


Sometimes the process has to evolve. Your quilt is beautiful, love the addition of all the basket blocks! A treasure.

Nancy Watkins

Glad you persevered Nicole Because it is stunning!


Looks fantastic, glad you stuck at it can’t wait to see it decorating your house at Xmas

Jody Randall

Beautiful quilt and so worth all the hard work.


Oh what a gorgeous quilt you have created. Loved hearing about your process. We quilters can all waver along the road to completion but you persevered and now have a showpiece quilt. Good inspiration for the rest of us ;)

Debbie R.

Perseverance pays off. What a beautiful quilt! Hopefully it will bring you only joy from this point on :-)




Your finish is perfect! It's hard to get excited about a quilt's blocks when you're just not happy with the results. I'm so glad you figured it out & remedied the 'issues'!


Beautiful quilt! Will definitely be an heirloom


Oh, I'll bet you are so proud of this quilt! What a stunning beauty! I know the various quilt-alongs you refer to; I have several of these same blocks in-progress. I just love your red and white! The addition of the baskets is inspired.

Barbara Anne

Oh, lookee what you did - and did so very well! This quilt as the wonderful creativity it represends - along with determination - will please you and bring a smile to your face forevermore. How sweet it is!



Bravo! Absolutely beautiful quilt and great story.

Patty Fowl

Oh Nicole!! It is so beautiful... you must be so happy, not only to have it completed but also because it turned out so amazing!

Some time ago, I had asked you about this quilt setting as I could no longer find the link and I thought it was going to be perfect for the Triangle Gatherings blockathon from Primitive Gatherings that I did about 18 months ago. Phew... it was a lot of half square triangles but worked perfectly with my blocks also. (I would send you a picture but that quilt is at my quilters)


So gorgeous! I understand how you feel about putting a project away and then pulling it back out a year later only to find problems. I have found that my sewing accuracy continues to improve so when I pull out an old UFO I'm often disappointed in my own work.

I guess that is why I should just finish my projects b4 starting a new one? ;p

Karrin Hurd

Beautiful quilt!

Cynthia Brunz

I have really enjoyed reading about this quilt as you worked on it. It is stunning!

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