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November 21, 2018



Happy Thanksgiving to you too Nicole! Your tea party looks lovely!

Barbara Anne

How utterly charming your table - and small guests - look! Nice new tradition!

On to Thanksgiving cooking and baking here. :)


Robby H.

From the looks of that tea party, I'm not surprised there are plans to make it an annual event. How fun!

Stephani in N. TX

Lovely tea party. Your young ladies are looking forward to flowers, pretty china, cucumber sandwiches, and scones. Good for you. I had a grownup tea party with my sisters in Victoria BC at the Empress hotel there, also with great sandwiches and scones, the works. Thanks for the reminder about the quilters and the devastating fire. I wonder if I can send quilt replacement goods as well as funds. My larder overfloweth. As a former longtime Californian when it wasn't so crowded, I am stunned by what fire can do especially with Santa Ana winds.


What a fun day for everyone! This is a great opportunity for the young ladies to learn more formal dining etiquette in a lovely setting! Down the road, many months (years?) from now if you hear of a drive for quilting supplies for those quilters I will absolutely have things to share. Meanwhile, I'm going to look at more urgent needs on the list you provided! There have been some wonderful stories of neighbors helping neighbors/strangers on the news which gives so much hope. Wishing you & your family happy Thanksgiving!

Mary Kastner

The tea looks like a lot of fun. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Nicole.



Your tea party was a big hit I'm so happy for you! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family:-)


Happy Thanksgiving! How happy everyone looks with their tea! So sad about the devastation caused by the fires. So thankful we are not in that situation, very sad for everyone especially at this time of year.


dang! looks yummy! have a lovely day with your family. ;p

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