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December 31, 2018


Mary Kastner

Happy New Year to you too Nicole! One of my resolutions is to finish undone projects in the quilt room. make a new to do list is on my agenda today. I did get yet another baby quilt finished, labeled and ready to mail yesterday? YOur string quilt is very bright and pretty. Have a wonderful eve and day!


Barbara Anne

Wizard!! Thanks for the tutorial and have fun making these addicting bocks!

Happy New Year, too!!


T Holzer

Looks great, Nicole. Happy New Year to you. I am off on a quick trip to a quilt shop to buy some fabric for a dirty laundry bag that I want to make before we head off on our cruise in February. I've only had this pattern for ten year....or maybe more! lol.


Super cute! I've been gathering strings and ideas too

Clair M Becker

Great tutorial,thanks. Another thank you for your book review,I signed out of the library "Last Christmas in Paris, it's fantastic.


Cute block and I'm so tempted to string along but first I need to finish some other things. Perhaps I'll make something small?
Happy New Year to you!


I can hear muffled shouting from my scrap drawer(s)...pretty sure they want to come out to string along! We'll see how that goes! Wishing you a very happy & healthy 2019!


SOLIDS??? I think this is the first time I've seen you go modern with a bright solid. It looks wonderful!

Happy New Year! Hope you had a lovely visit with your son.



You make it look so easy! I was wondering how hard it was to line up the squares in the center, but you make it seem like a piece of cake! Happy New Year to you!


Wow! Your block is amazing! So creative!

Deb F

Happy New Year! Your blocks are fabulous. I want to try this method (my organizing plans for the day are slipping away as I look at your blocks, I want to try this method). Thank you for sharing.


That is a really neat string block. Thanks for sharing how you're doing it.

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