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December 07, 2018


Mary Kastner

I am with you on the last item. OVer the top IMHO. NO pets so I don't have to shop for them. SOmeone reading your ideas will be very happy for your thoughts. YOu did it! Every day this week. COngratulations and thanks. I always enjoy your blogs. Have a wonderful weekend.


Barbara Anne

Too cute - except for the last item. Guess who would be cleaning it? Yep, me. No thanks. No problem since we have no dog. Sigh. We're dog people and have one remaing cat. Yes, our dogs had stockings, but it's beneath the cat's notice.



Yes! We have felt stockings with glittered names for our dogs. And we also send gifts to our family's dogs. Our dogs have always gone bonkers for Hartz Chew 'n' Clean Dental Duo bones. They're heavy plastic with 'bacon' flavor centers that our dogs l.o.v.e.!! If you get one for Ozzie you'll be thanking me for hours of pre-occupied dog time! Our go-to treats are Blue Dog Perfect Trainers.


I made my cats Christmas stockings and of course they are out of B&C fabrics because they need to match with the human ones.


Those pet stockings are adorable. I will have to add them to my "to make" list for next year.
I have 2 cats and always buy them some new toys at Christmas because they are a big part of our family.

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